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Collection Name First Presidency (Wilford Woodruff) general correspondence, 1887-1898
Collection Description Ben E. Rich letter to Wilford Woodruff
Collection Number CR 1 171
Collection Box Box 5
Collection Folder Folder 3
Collection Page 1-4
Source Link The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
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9 mentions
Scriptural Figure
9 mentions
Scriptural Figure
3 mentions
Scriptural Figure
Cannon, George Quayle
11 Jan 1827 - 12 Apr 1901
2016 mentions
Jefferies, William
8 Mar 1831 - 15 Nov 1913
10 mentions
Pratt, Orson
19 Sep 1811 - 3 Oct 1881
1038 mentions
7 mentions
83 mentions
Spencer, Orson
14 Mar 1802 - 15 Oct 1855
69 mentions

Young, Brigham
1 Jun 1801 - 29 Aug 1877
3314 mentions
Apostle, Family


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A Saul might hear the voice of the Lord from heaven or a Cornelius be blessed with the ministration of a holy angel; but, though they had been thus favored, to fulfill and comply with all the requirements of the Lord, it was necessary for them to be baptized to obtain remission of sins, that they might become the recipients of the Holy Ghost through the ordinance of the laying on of hands, and be enabled to walk in newness of life. If they had not complied with this requirement, they would not have been in a suitable condition to have entered into the kingdom of God.
~ Orson Pratt
We want to sacrifice enough to do the will of God in prepar- ing to bring up those who have not had the privilege of hear- ing the gospel while in the flesh, for the simple reason that, in the spirit world, they cannot officiate in the ordinances of the house of God. They have passed the ordeals, and are beyond the possibility of personally officiating for the remission of their sins and for their exaltation, consequently they are under the necessity of trusting in their friends, their children and their children's children to officiate for them, that they may be brought up into the celestial kingdom of God.
~ George Q Cannon
The conditions of salvation from death, hell and the grave, are faith in God, in Jesus Christ, and in the atonement; re- pentance, reformation, and a godly life; baptism by immer- sion for the remission of sins administered by divine authority, the sanctifying effects of the blood of Chirst that follows the water, and the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands by properly ordained ministers. These conditions are as essential to salvation in the kingdom of heaven to-day, as they were in the days when Christ and His apostles and elders declared them nearly nineteen hundred years ago. The same authority has been restored to the earth. The same apostle- ship and keys of priesthood, with power to officiate in the ordinances of the house of God, are again restored to earth, and the gospel of God is being preached in all nations for a witness.
~ Orson Spencer