Letter from Iva B. Eddy, 28 November 1889

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    no name ^Iva B. Eddy^ Chicago Nov 28 [18]89 Wilford Woodruf Dear Friend Woodruf I have been reading your explanation in Regard to your Endowment Oaths My name is Iva B Eddy, was a sojourner in your City while the Army of Genl Johnston visited you in Regard to the many Murders by Orders of Brigham Young. I myself barely escaped Death while there. Mr. Drovers Receiving the Bullet intended for me. I was sent to ^you^ ...
    November 28, 1889
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    good, whereas you are now but a Stink to this Nation and will be overthrown and Scattered as were the Jews who Refused Christs Teachings and Crucified Him to the Death as you under Smith and Brigham has Done like unto High Way Robbers for the Pelf they possessed, you were persecuted every where for Jos Smiths Rascality, and there is a Prophecy in your Books foretelling His Death given by Himself, for His wicked Disobedience. The one Jos Smith Prophecied of as commig with Bowels of Compassion to carry on ...
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    so farr well enough. The good will not be lost. But the Evils must Perish. you are an Honest man surrounded with Shrewd and Heartless Rascals, as advisers and Counsellers and Tin[c]tured with with the vices of Polygamy and Slavery. It is Hard for you to break through fixed habits and Conditions, and Absolve your People and yourself from the Horrid Oaths of Brighams Endowment House I see no way open for you but to wait the Opperation of Such Laws as will be enacted at Washington to releive ...
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    By order of Heber Kimball Bill Hickman and His gang Broke into my Cottage Salt Lake City. Fired off their Pistols that were aimed at me. But as I was a step aside the Bullet entered the Body of Mr Drowns who fell Dead at my side. My Mormon wife Sister Roby, jerked me behind the Big Chimbney and saved my life. Mr Arnold an honest man got His wound also - Bill Hickman was so sorry at His Order that He at ...
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    you might Think wherefore does Mr Eddy write me this?? Well I profess to be a Believer of the Church. the Nazarine told Peter that upon this Rock of Internal Revalation whereby Peter obtained His Knowledge of who Jesus was!! The Son of God the Messiah Now while I was in your City No. Revalation from on High was pretended to have given to any of you. only this. "The Infalibilty of the Old Pope Brigham young. Heber said Brigham was
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    you well know the murders Committed by Orders of Heber and Brigham while the Troops were in the Mountains How like Christ was His Conduct Was Christ the Author of Murder was His Teachings running in that Channel?? Brighams Guilty Conscience told Him that in all probablity the troops were sent there to Hang Him for the Meadow and other former Masacrees you Mormons have the Curse upon you as a people and will be Cutt Down as a professed Christian Sect. and you have sense enough to see it ...
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    The last Revalation that was ever given from Jehovah or the Nazarine to the Mormon Church was given by Joseph Smith saying, He J. Smith would be cutt Down, for His Iniquities and Transgress- ions. which you know was litterally fulfilled. Since then you have been Isolated from any Spirrit Directions -- ...