Letter from Ozem Thompson Woodruff, 31 January 1857 [LE-39810]

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Dearly beloved I now write unto you desiring to
hear from you I want to know of your health
and your family, and of your prosperity in the
things of the world and more especially the things of
the kingdom and the state of you own soul I receive
your letter Dated May 25 1856 I was glad to here from
you that you are all well and are prospering in the
cause of truth I fell that the mormon cause was the
cause of God and I think it is the only cause that will
stand the test in the great day of God almity. I beleave
that mormonism is truth and think the gates of hell will
not prevail against it. I think it is founded on the
foundation of the Apostles and prophets Jesus Christ himself
the chief corner stone [Ephesians 2:20]

I exect that some will be moved out of every kindred
and nation under heaven John had a view of a great
multitude that had wash there robes and made them white
in the blood of the Lamb when Christ comes [Revelation 7:14] will defend
faith on the earth where is the church of God where shall I
find it I dont find it in Avon when Christ comes I expect
he will have a people on the earth that will possess the
gifts and graces of the gospel and contend for the faith once
delivered to the saints. I would inform you that I
am well and my family and we have the comforts of life
I am now liying still on a rent of cold wether the winter
is verry cold we have had some of coldest days that we have
had for ten years the [sasmitt] is froze up I have done nothing

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for four weeks I dont exect to till march I
have tended Lush new mill and shingle snell ten years
last september I feel about worne out I feel woend
from the world it would be my choice to depart and
be with Christ but the will of the Lord be done not mine
I am in my 69th year and my ^age^ time will soon run out
I have no family but my wife and should you or any
of your brethren call on me in [Lovly] street I could keek
you over night I think very co^m^fortrably and bless the Lord
for the priveleidge your friends here ^are^ well and Alive as ^far as^ I
know I understand your Council concsists of 13 members
and nine of them are cripples and near sited sighted
one cross eyed the council and House of representatives
and Officials are forty members and these 40 members have
420 wives all right for what I know I dont ^know^ any thing in
the Bible to prove to the contrary the Book of mormon
forbids ist you can find it in the book of Jacob 2nd chapterJacob 2
I have nothing more to say on the subject I feel that
we are living in perilous times the wicked are waxing
worse and worse deceiving and being deceived, having itching ears
regarting the truth and embraseing fables love the praise
of men more than the praise of God [John 12:43] the Lord will
soon come out of his highding place then the kingdom
and dominion will be givin to the saints of the most high
God good Lord hasten the time. I have one ^written^ letter before
this since I Received yours you may have written but I
have not received any I wish you to write as often as
you can I want to know your opinion concerning the
sings of the times and our whereabouts in the world history

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when I think of the blessings the honors the glory
and the crowns that Jesus has purchased for the
faithful and those that love his offering I feel encouraged
to press my way onward and reach forward towards
the march for the prise nowing that the prize is at
the end of the race and blessed be the Lord when Jesus
comes to them that look for him will he appear the second
with time without sin unto salvation I have nothing here
I want to live for I feel a deadness to the world and I
long to come in possession of that inheritance which is to be
given to the saints I know I am unworthy but Jesus is
worthy I expect to be saved by grace through faith it is
Gift of god brother Wilford I rejoice to have the work of the
of the Lord is gowing on and afew are geting on the wed^d^ing
Garment and feel the importance of geting in to a hiding place
and secure them self from the storm that is coming on the carts
the fields appear to be white redy to harvest will the remnant
of Jacob go throe like a lion among a flock of sheap and tread
down and tear in pieces and none to delivir I feel that judgement
await the wicked world let us lift up our heads ^and rejoice^ nowing our
redemption draweth near I must close my letter thinking what
i have written will not be verry edefing to you esxcuse my poor
writing i have no thumb to hold my pen write to me as often as
you can write A little more plain it take me some time to
read your letters give my respects to Brother Aphek if Alive and
your wife and children also cozen Betsy and all ^who^ wish to her from
^me^ mye Hannah send her Love to you and family and we wish an Interest
in your prayers Ozem Woodruff

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Ozem Woodruff
Jan 31st 1857
Answered a full letter in
June 1st 1857
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Wilford Woodruff
Great salt Lake City
Utah Te^r^ritory
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