Letter from Charles Adams, 26 January 1893 [LE-13909]

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Parowan Jan 26 [18]93
President Wilford Woodruff
Salt Lake City

Dear, Brother

I took a ^letter^ from the Post Office
to day from you directed to my Son Thos. D
Adams asking him to go on a mission to
Samoa he is in Provo at the present time taking
a five weeks course in ^the^ Manuel at the B. Y
will send your letter to him
he is twenty two years of age and not married
I am told that ist is your instructions that
all persons going on a Mission should have
their Endowments before going. Bro Walter
C. Mitchell
was sent home from Salt
Lake to get his before going on a mission
last Dec. I would like to understand
this matter right: my son has not had his
your letter says to leave San francisco
March 3rd, 1893. but in answering please
state time he should be in Salt Lake and
amt of money necessary to take ^a^ missoionary

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to Samoa Bro Alfred M Durham
of this Ward recieve the same call to go
to Samoa to day he is also at Provo
with my son and the same points
would be necessary for him to know
would you recommend young men going
to Samoa if to get married if they
had young ladies engaged or to remain

your Bro in the Gospel
Chas Adams
Bp Parowan Ward

They should have their endowments
and get married, if engaged, if they
prefer to do so. As to means, please,
inform him as he desires. There
would be no objection to one or
two going to Samoa. taking a wife
along, if so desired.

[sideways text] Chas. Adams
Jan. 26 [18]93. [end of sideways text]