Letter to Abraham Owen Woodruff, 6 January 1877 [LE-2836]

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most because she would want to have them in
the family I canot write much now for I
want to say sumthing to the other children
your Affectionate Father W. Woodruff

Dear Clarrie I want you to be a good girl and
help your mother, and mind her, you are getting
old Enough to lay aside all childish and nauty
ways and begin to be a good young Lady I wish
to hear a good report of you I want to have
you learn what you can this winter I
hear a vary bad report of many young people in salt
Lake City
. I hope my boys and girls will be good
I should feel vary bad to have them do wrong to swair
steal and become wicked I want to have you learn to pray,
Pray the Lord to Bless poor Blanch and make her well
I love my children when they are good and it makes
me feel bad when they are Naughty I send you some
raisons By Brother Wilckin. Your Affectioate Father W Woodruff

Dear Owen, I hope you are a good Boy, and say your prayer
and are kind to your Ma, Nelly, Asahel & Clarrie and help
take good care of poor Blanch I want to have you be
careful & not say any words that are Nauty and then the Lord
will love you I sent you a package of raisions and a Brass
top I think Asahel can show you how to ^s^pin it I want
to say to Asahel that I want to have him excuse my
not writing to him now I will remember him next
time He has done well bean a good Boy and He shall
be Blesed and you have my Blessings

Your Affectionate Father

W Woodruff