Letter from William H. Smart, 20 May 1890

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    W. H. Smart 20 May 1890. (Recd. 23 May). Logan, May, 20 [18]90. Pres. Wilford Woodruff: Dear Brother: Please find en- closed a letter from an Armenian Bro. George A. Vezirian of Aintab, Turkey. I thought it might be interesting to you to read a communica- tion from that land. This Bro. is one of the few whom I met there who seemed honest in spirital matters. He la- bored zealously, during our stay in Aintab, as an interpreter of the prin- ...
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    ciples of the gospel which we explained to him. His written sentiments, I am pleased, reflect still sincerily, and a de- sire to be useful in bringing about salvation to souls. He touches upon points out of my juris- diction to answer, and as he is alone in a far off land, I thought it advisable to send you his letter so that, should you deem it necessary, you could or- der a letter written him. Your humble servant in the gospel of Christ: W. H. Smart. ...