Letter from Don C. Musser, 2 April 1893

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    Jaffa April 2and 1893 First Presidency Salt Lake City U.S.A. Dear Brethern: I am in receipt of your favor of Feb. 14th. with enclosed Imperial Ottoman Bank draft No. 2887 for 500.00, Five hundred, francs. In your above refered to letter you ask me to send you a few copies of the tracts I have had prin- ted. Oon the 15th of last September I addressed a communication to you, in which I explained how it was ...
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    mission. I will send part of the 500.00 frs. to Elder Herman who, by the by, is well and reports some success in Aintab and there a bouts. With many thanks for your consideration, I remain Your Brother Don C. W. Musser Just so. J. F. S. [sideways text] D. C. W. Musser Apr. 2nd 1893. [End of sidways text] ...