Letter to Emma Manella Woodruff, 6 January 1877 [LE-2835]

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fall to my lot to do it. I have got my Eyes open
to see that it would take me 3 years to go through
the Enowments of one thousnd of my dead, and that
to evry day as I could owy [only] be washed and anotd ^washed anointed^ for
ownly one person each day, but I will stop talking
about this now, and say I sent a letter to you
by Br Wilcken and a Box with packages to
all of your family and some of the Neighbors
which I expect you will distribute. I am
now expecting to be kept v[er]y busy while here
in giving Endowments in the Temple, it
is a great treat to me to get letters from
my family, I look with anxiety evry week
for letters from you and am glad to hear
from you (I felt some anxiety about you)
as the mail is about to go out I cannot write
much more now Yours in Love W Woodrff

Dear Nelly. I am Glad to get lettesr from
you I hope you will be able to go to school
some this winter if possible I want to have
you do all you can to help your Mother
and take good care of that Dear little Blanch
I do hope she will not be sick long but will
son get well I sent you and the children a
package of Raisons but I sent your Mother

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the m◊◊t because she would wat to ◊ne th◊◊◊◊
◊t famil◊ I cannot write much now for I
wat to say [illegible] to the other Children
Yo◊r Affecti◊ate Father W. Woodrff

Dear Clarrie I want you to be a good girl and
help your mother, and mind her, you are a g◊tty
old Enough to lay aside all childish and na◊◊◊
way◊ and begin to be a good youg Lady I wi◊◊
to hear a good report of you I wat to hae
you learn what you can this winter I
hear a very bad report of many youg people i◊ salt
Lake City
I hope my boys and girls will be good
I shoold feel very bad to have them do wrong to sw◊i◊
sr◊◊l and becone wicked I want to have you learn to pray,
Pray the Lord to Bless poor Blanch and mak her well
I love my Children when they are good and it ma◊s
me feel bad when the◊ are Naughty I send you some
raisons By Brother Wilckin. Your Aff◊◊ti◊◊te Father WWoodrff

Dear Owen, I hope you are a good Boy and say you◊ prayer
and are kind to your M◊, Nelly, Asahel & Clarrie and hel◊
take good care of poor Blanch I want to have you be
carefol & not say any words that are Nauty and that [the?] Lord
will love you I sent you a package of raisions and a Brass
top I [think] Asahel Can show you how to ^s^pin it I wat
to say to Asahel that I ◊◊t to have him excue my
not writig to him now I will remember him next
time He has done well been a good Boy and He shall
be Bl◊◊d and you all have my Bl◊◊gs
your Affectn◊te Fath◊ W Woodrff