Letter to John Bushman, 25 November 1887 [LE-6833]

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Salt Lake City,

John Bushman

Dear Brother, I received your
letter of Nov. 18 [18]87. I also received one
about the same time from Bro. Nielson
In reply to all these matters, I will
say, I would like a settlement made
with Lot Smith, upon some terms, and
have it stay settled. I realize as well
as any man can, about the temperament
of Lot Smith. I wrote him what
perhaps he would call a very severe
letter. I have not heard from him
since. I know he is abusive at times
to his wives children and friends
But as he seems to have but few
friends, I have befriended him from
principle, for I know there has been
great prejudice against him from persons
in high places. All I want is justice
done, but I am anxious to have this
matter settled for good and get
through with it.

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Bro Smith's course with men
is not calculated to gain friendship;
but Pres. Young sent Lot Smith to
Arizona to establish and carry out
the United Order, and he has tried
to do it, and I feel to sustain him
in the matter in all that is right.
You will seee by the press that light-
ning has struck us, and the
marshall has taken possession of
our temple block, Tithing office,
Historians office, Guardo house, and
we are all turned out of the president's
, and do business where we can,
but we are alive, grow too fat, & feel well,
and proves that gGod reigns. I feel well in
spirit but have suffered with a cold on my
lungs, for a month, but am better now.
I have no clerk with me today, so you must
do the best you can to translate my scribbling
I pray God to bless you all

I remain Your Brother

W Woodruff.