Letter from Edward J. Wood, 9 August 1888

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    Wood, Ed. J. Salt Lake City, August 9th 1888. President Wilford Woodruff, Dear Brother: Your communi- cation of Aug. 8th [18]88, was received and most carefully read over and perused by me. In answer, I can say that, with what little experience I have gained, I realize, to a certain extent, that in or- der for the Lord's purposes to be brought about, missionaries must be sent from Zion to preach the Gospel to all nations and, in as much as you think me wor- thy to ...
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    [sideways text] Ed J. Wood 9 Aug. 1888 [end of sideways text] President Woodruff Dear Bro I can cheerfully recommend Bro Edward J Wood as being a good Latter-day Saint and endorse his response to the call for a mission Your Brother in the Gospel James Watson Bp ...