Letter from Peter Ross Gillespie, 8 March 1896

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    Peter R. Gillespie Mar. 8 [18]96 The spirit he manifests is good Let him go on a mission to the S. S. and give him what time he needs to prepare for the same. J. F. S. (Already called to N. S. GR) Tooele City Mar. 8th 1896 President Woodruff Dear Sir, Your letter received, to say I was surprised, would scarcely exprese my feelings, for I had no idea that I would be thought worthy the honor of a mission, as the greater ...
    March 8, 1896
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    different and a better life, and while I have not done in the year, as well as I might have done, still I have succeed in overcoming the tea, coffee, and tobacco habit, and this winter, I have overcome my appetite for all intoxicating drinks, to wich (I am ashamed to say) I have been a slave for many years, and was just beginning to turn my mind towards my relegion, (for to be honest I had never given it a real serious thought) when I received your letter. I have had but ...
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    I have repented, and try to live a better life in the future, and as our Father in Heaven is a mercy- ful, one, I feel that he will forgive many of my wrong doings. As to my own feelings I feel that a mission would, (as the saying is) be the making of me, and while, my circumstances are not the best, and while I know but very little in regards to the Gospel, I am willing to put my trust in him who governs all things, and do the best I can. My ...