Letter to the Editor of the Deseret News, 12 May 1874 [LE-2647]

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May 12th, 1874

Editor Deseret News

In company with ^Elders^ C. C. Rich and ^Bishop^ Wm.
we held a meeting on the 12th of May
with the Saints in Evanston.

13th. Held a meeting with the Randolph Branch
of the Church.

14th. Preached to the Saints in Laketown.

16th & 17th. Held meetings in Paris and entered
into the United Order and organization of the
Bear Lake Stake of Zion by appointing the
following officers:

President, C. C. Rich;

1st Vice President, Wm. Budge;

2nd [Vice President], H. J. Horne;

Secretary, Robt. Price;

Asst. Secretary, Geo. Passey;

Treasurer, Thos. Slight;

Directors, H. Duffin, Geo. W. Sirrine, J. C.
, W. Hoge, J. A. Hunt, Geo. Osmond,
Ira Nebeker, Chas. Robinson, Niels Wilhemsen.

18th. Held a meeting with the Saints at
Montpelier and organized them into a Branch
of the United Order with the following officers;

President, Chas. C. Robinson;

Vice President, Jno. Couzzens;

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Secretary, John Leswere;

Directors, Hyrum Phelps, David Osborne,
James Holmes, H. H. Dalrymple.

19th. Organized the Bennington branch of the
United Order with the following officers:
Pres, Jas. Moore;
Vice President, Dudley Merrill;
Secretary, A. R. Wright;
Treasurer, Benatt Nielson;
Directors, Augustus Bingham, Geo. Lindsay,
David Lindsay.

In the evening held a meeting at Soda Spring.
Most of the Saints present were in favor of the
United Order. We did not organize them, in
consequence of most of the leading men being

22nd. hHeld a meeting with the Saints at Liberty and
organized a Branch of the United Order ^with^ the follow-
ing officers:
President, Edwin Nelson Austin;
Vice President, Wm. Alfred Hymas;
Secretary, Wm. Henry Kennington;
Treasurer, Evan Samuel Morgan;
Directors, John Martin, Samuel Mathews,
and James McMurry.

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4 p. m. Met met with the Saints at Ovid and
organized a Branch of the United Order
by appointing the following Officers:
President, Peter Jenson;
Vice President, John Johnson;
Secretary, Edward Lashbrook;
Treasurer, Neils Johnson;
Directors, Neils Peterson, Peter Jacob-
, Christian Olson.

23rd. Organized Bloomington by appointing
the following officers:
President, George Osmond;
Vice President, Wm. Hulme;
Secretary, Edward M. Peterson;
Treasurer, John Walker;
Directors, Christian Madson, James
W. Walker
and Peter Greenhalgh.

Sunday, 24th. Held two meetings at St. Charles.
Laid before them the prinicples of the United
Order, but did not organize them, as they
were not quite prepared to elect their Officers,
and left it for Bro.'s Rich and Budge to
attend Ito.

26th. Organized the Fish Haven branch of
the United Order with the following Officers:

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President, Hyrum Rich;
Vice President, Wm. Robt. Pope;
Secretary, John W. Edwin Stock;
Treasurer, John Stock;
Directors, Henry Howell, Hugh Findley,
Phenias H. Cook.

27th. Organized the Lake Town Branch of
the United Order ^with^ the following officers:
President, Ira Nebeker;
Vice President, Wm. P. Nebeker;
Secretary, Wm. B. Gibbons;
Treasurer, Nathaniel M. Hodges;
Directors, John Mosley, E. Lamborn,
Moroni Pickets.

28th. Organized the Woodruff branch of the
church into the United Order and the following
officers were elected:
President, Wm. H. Lee;
Vice President, Peter Comia;
Secretary, Wm. Loughhurst;
Treasurer, John Cox,
Directors, Richd Bee, Saml. Bryson,
and Aurbury E. Eastman.

Returned to Randolph and held a meeting.
Organized a Branch of the United Order with

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the following officers:
President, Randolph H. Stewart;
Vice President, Wm. Howard;
2nd Vice President, Archd McKinnon;
Secretary, Geo. A. Pearl;
Treasurer, Wilford Woodruff, Jun.;
Directors, Robt. Calder, Saml. Brough,
Neils Peter Christiansen.

29th. Elders Rich and Budge returned to

June 2nd. I held another meeting with the
saints at Woodruff.

3rd. mMet with the Saints at Alma and
organized the a Branch of the United Order
electing the following officers:
President, Saml. Pike;
Vice President, Andrew Wallworth;
2nd Vice President, Wm. G. Burton;
Secretary, Jas. Stoddart;
Treasurer, Mathew Morris;
Directors, Jas. Bownes, John Simms,
Mark Jackson.

6th. Returned Home.
W. Woodruff.

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[sideways text] May 1874

Prests W. Woodruff's
trip to Bear Lake Valley

Various organizations
of the United Order [end of sideways text]