Letter from Orson Pratt, 29 October 1840

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    No 40 North Richmond St. Edinh Oct. 29th 40 Dear Brethren Woodruff & Smith Yours of this week came to hand this morning I was highly pleased with the news with the exception of the loss which Elder Woodruff has sustained with him I feel to mourn for it brought forcibly to my mind the death of my little daughter Lydia Sister Woodruff must feel disconsolate I cannot but sympathise with her as she is now left entirely alone. It is cheering to hear ...
    October 29, 1840
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    far better. the South west of Iowa is a handy place place for the fur company & those who deal in bear skins & sweet oil. I think the ravens will get fat & turkey buzzards have a sociable feast before many thousand moons wax new & old. Success to the emigrants & to the south west ex- ploring company. It is to be hoped that they their expeditions will result in many important discoveries in the ancient Territories. You must excuse my fooleries for when one has not much news he dislikes sending an empty ...
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    round is ^frequently^ the quickest way of conveyance in this day of wonders. Give my respects to Ers Taylor & Clark & tell them that I have received the paper they forwarded & have heard of their success by the way of London give me all the news you get from the Isle of man & also from Manchester give my respects to Parley also. I am still alone Bro. Watts has not yet arrived. please write to ...
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    Wilford Woodruff or George A Smith No 52 Ironmonger Row, Saints Lukes, London England [stamp in red ink] PAIDa EDINh E OCT 29 1840 S [stamp in red ink] A PAID 31 OC 31 1840 [Wilford Woodruff] O Pratt Oct 29th 1840 Answered Oct 31st 1840 ...