Adelaide Amelia Louise Theresa Caroline of Saxe-Meiningen

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    I took supper with Br Grocott & preached in the evening at Brother Humes 5th Door Canning St S. spent the night at Brother John Rowleys. Distanc 3 m February 8, 1840 ~ Saturday 8th I spent the Day with Brother Hume, I wash ed my feet & bore testimony unto Jesus Christ against ^Priest^ William Shaw & ^Priest^ William Pool for rejecting my testimony. I held a prayer ...
    February 8, 1840 February 9, 1840 February 10, 1840
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    8th The Queen Dowager in a Court Dress 9th Espartero, late regent of Spain uniform Spanish general 10th Louis Philippe king of the French in the costumes of the national worn by himself 11th Comodore Napier As an Admiral. 12 Lord John Russel 13th Mehemet Ali in a Turkish costume 14 Charles XIV. King of Sweeden And Norway uniform of the Sweedish Guard 15th