Alberta, Canada

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    Part of Letter from Edward Stevenson, 6 October 1891

    I candidly beleive that David had in someway committed himself, so that the Lord did not wish him to come and receive his blessings in the House of the Lord. I have reasons to sustain this beleif— I have felt thus to express myself Thus on those subjects freely— The Brethren in Alberta are feeling well, and are much more united in their faith, without so much distinction and classification, as we have in our Babylonish Pride and Classifycation of S.L.C. and other older ...
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    Part of Letter from Henry E. Wynder, 14 February 1895

    with more freedom from embarassments even in a new country, than I could were I to leave this coming spring, with no place for my family and nothing for them to do during my absence. I trust you will not consider this an evasive reply to the call made upon me, but respectfully ask that I may be permitted to report myself ready one year from now. Should you be acquainted with any facts that would be detrimental to my successfully making a home in Alberta, the information would be thankfully received. ...