Alma (BofM)

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  • Page 172

    Part of Journal (December 29, 1833 – January 3, 1838)

    August 29, 1837 ~ Tuesday Aug 29th Preached at the north schoolhouse, spent the night at Malatiah Luce 8 m[iles] August 30, 1837 ~ Wednesday 30th Elder Hale Preached at the east schoolhouse I followed him, stay'd with Carver 4 m[iles] August 31, 1837 ~ Thursday 31st Last day of summer I visited many friends. I retired in company with Elder Hale to a grove & sat down under a fir tree and sung a song ...
    August 29, 1837 August 30, 1837 August 31, 1837 September 1, 1837 September 2, 1837 September 3, 1837 September 4, 1837 September 5, 1837
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    Part of Leaves From My Journal

    LEAVES FROM MY JOURNAL. search out the blood of Ephraim, the honest and meek of the earth, and gather them from those islands, rocks, holes and caves of the earth unto Zion. We prayed, and rejoiced together. The Spirit of God rested upon us; we spoke of Christ and the ancient prophets and apostles in Jerusalem; of Nephi, Alma, Mormon and Moroni in America; Joseph, Hyrum,
    September 6, 1837 October 2, 1837
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    Part of Autobiography Tullidge's Quarterly Magazine 1883-84

    TULLIDGE'S QUARTERLY MAGAZINE [Column 1] remarks against the Book of Mormon and our principles. I spoke two and a half hours, and an- swered every objection against the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, or our prin- ciples. I had good attention and the people seemed satisfied. At the close of the meeting Elder Hale administered the ordinance of baptism. Mr. Newton, in order to save his cause, went to the mainland and brought over several ministers with him ...
    September 6, 1837 October 2, 1837 October 9, 1837