Appanoose Township, Hancock County, Illinois

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    NDec 7th President Young called into the office and spent about an hour with us I spoke to President Young about our getting [FIGURE] out the History of Joseph striped of all of its appendages and to be published as the plain History of Joseph Smith, he said let it rest at present, we shall not do any thing about it now. President Young said in speaking of the Temple we I herd a man say to day we would go back to
    December 8, 1859 December 9, 1859 December 10, 1859 December 11, 1859
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    to return with him, although he had promised that they should go. With a letter of importance I saw myself driven from Carthage, galloping through the masses of mostly soldiers, half Indians and semi barbarians. I hurried across the prairie, had gone down on a boat from Nauvoo towards Quincy, but while landed at Warsaw awoke in the midst of powder, smoke, death, and carnage." After he had finished the recital of the dream he says that Joseph remarked, "that is ...