Aurora, Kendall County, Illinois

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    he lives in 1 mile of Greenfield, he wished to put in 400 bushels of wheat for the Temple September 5, 1844 ~ Thursday 5th Rode to Yrick Tavern took dinner had an interview with Mrs Alney. learned that Wm & Wilson Law had just passed before us, we rode to Mr Kimballs from Maine & spent the night September 6, 1844 ~ Friday 6th Rode across the Prairie swamped our horses, took breakfast at
    September 5, 1844 September 6, 1844 September 7, 1844 September 8, 1844
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    A synopsis of the travels and labours of W. Woodruff. In A.D. 1844 Travelled in the UNITED STATES And CANADA and visited the following towns and Cities Towns and Cities States Towns & Cities States Nauvoo Illinois Colebrook Conn Laharp [Illinois] Farmington [Conn] Monmouth [Illinois] Hartford [Conn] Princeton [Illinois] New Haven [Conn] Ottaway [Illinois]