Chesterwoods, Maine

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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1843 – December 31, 1844)

    September 12, 1843 ~ Tuesday Sept 12th I left Boston at 5 oclock in the express train of cars for Portland and about 10 oclock while passing through the Chesterwoods 6 miles south of Kennebunk the engine was thrown from the track in consequence of a rail being raised 8 inches by some designing miscrant The force was such that It drove the engine about 5 rods ahead and smashed it to peaces with the Baggage cars piled ...
    September 12, 1843
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    Part of Autobiography 1858 Deseret News

    THE DESERET NEWS. TRUTH AND LIBERTY. No. 22. FILLMORE CITY, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 4, 1858. VOL. VIII. [Column 1] HISTORY OF WILFORD WOODRUFF. (FROM HIS OWN PEN.) -[CONTINUED.]- CHAPTER OF ACCIDENTS. -[Written at Great Salt Lake City, February, 1858.]- VARIED and diverse are the lives and for- tunes of men; while the paths of some are strewn with flowers and ease from the cradle to the grave, with naught to disturb their peace; others are marked victims of varied misfortunes, accidents and dangers. The last named ...
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    Part of Autobiography 1857-1858 Draft of Accidents

    and shut me up fast, ^between the bolster and tongue^ but in such a manner that my head and shoulders dragged on the ground my horses took fright and ran out into an open prairie and thus dragged me in this possession ^position^ for about half a mile. I managed to guide them with my left hand, so as to run them into a corner ^of a high worm^ of the fence, where we landed in a pile together. I was considerably bruised but escaped without any broken bones. On ...
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    Part of Autobiography 1865 Millennial Star

    Louis to procure a stock of paper. I went down upon a steamboat; was six days on the way, during which time I was severely attacked with bilious fever. The day I made my purchase, the fever was so high I was scarcely sensible of what I was doing. As soon as I made my purchase and got my freight on board, I took my berth, and lay there until I arrived at Nauvoo on the 10th of August. I was confined to my bed forty days ...
    August 10, 1842 September 12, 1843
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    Part of Autobiography 1857-1858 Draft 1

    On the 4th March Phebe Amelia was born. On the 23rd July being out of a stock of papers Brother Joseph sent me to St Louis to buy a new stock ^of paper^ I was 6 days getting to St Louis on my arival I had a severe ^was severely^ attack ^with^ of the Billious fever setled upon me and the day I made my purchases and got my freight on board the fever was raging so hard that I was hardly ...
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