Congleton, Cheshire, England

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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1840 – December 31, 1840)

    We took the parting hand with Elder Wm Clayton ^{after blessing him}^ & the Saints in Manchester & took the Coach & road through Mackelsfield, Stockport, Congleton, Tunstell, & to Burslem in Staffordshire we spent the night in Burslem with Elder Alfred Cordon at Club buildings Navigation road. According to the Costum of the Country we rode upon the outside of the Coach & we had an ...
    January 22, 1840
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    Part of Letter to Phebe Whittemore Carter Woodruff, 29 January 1840

    quite splendid with the pulpit or stand in or near the centre of the house which is the english custom. Another thing has attracted my attention while visiting public places in England ie a great plainness of dress with both rich & poor male & female, their cloth may be equ⬦ally as good if not better than that worn in America but they do not appear as tasty & flashy. I think the Americans pattern more after the French than English in their dress. The Encllish deposit their dead in vaults in the church yard & ...