Eastport, Washington County, Maine

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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1847 – December 31, 1853)

    season instead of fall or winter for those cut in the summer or winter season will not keep over three years bfor in that time all the gum will work out & dry rot will follow & they become as light as A cork And any ship or steem boat will be runied whare they are used, while those cut from Sept to March will last 50 or more years retain the gum & be sound this is important information which I recieved from Joseph Russell who ...
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    Part of Letter to Phebe Whittemore Carter Woodruff, 14 July 1849

    forecastle of a small sloop, lived mostly upon black tea, land sea bread & Molasses, fresh fish, & Lobsters. I Began to feel Homesick the constant cold fogs, & smoke, filled up my Lungs, I coughed, raised Blood, & fell sick I preached one day in the Harbor to the fishermen, all men, The women were afraid to come ^out^ not knowing what ^A^ Mormon might do. they wanted me to preach more, but I felt more like trying to get on my journey. It was ownly 30 hours sail with good wind to Machias from ...