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    Part of Journal (January 1854 – December 1859)

    who also spoke well PM. Elder O Hyde Addressed the meeting in the afternoon was followed by G A Smith & President Young concerning the indian war Wa[l]ker &c. much good instruction was given. Conference adjourned till to morrow 10 oclock Their was preaching during the evening at the Tabernacle By the High Priests quorum the meeting was Addressed by Bishop Petegrew Phineas Young, Gifford Haywood John Neff, & several in the congregation that I did ...
    April 7, 1854 April 8, 1854
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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1847 – December 31, 1853)

    the lawful king Patriarch or ruler and after him the Election of God continued through the loins of Shem down to Abraham but in Abrahams day according to his own writings lately taken from the tombs of ancient Thebees & translated and published by our great Prophet we find a man made govermnt existing in Egypt under a race of Phariohs. This Egypt according to Phario Abrahams account was first discovered by Egyptus or Daughter of Ham who afterwards settled her sons in it & from whol whom sprang the race of Pharaoh's & the ...