James Gardner

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    We trolled with lines 125 feet long at the stern of the boat, and caught several Spanish Mackerel. I caught 2 and Bro Cannon 1. We went onto the Jew fish ground but caught none, they weigh from 100 to 400 lbs each. The boatman took us to a place where it is said there is a flat stone of some 200 yards wide and about 500 yards in length, and at a depth of about 650 feet. We cannot anchor, but the captain labors to keep over the rock. We used ...
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    September 4, 1896 ~ Friday steemer & lost the whole 600 feet the one I had went to the bottom & it was 2to hard work for me to hall up 20 or 30 lbs of fish 600 feet I ownly pulled up once & had but 2 on with some 12 or 15 lb weght of fish & ^2 from^ the Stone. I gave it to Asahel the Ca Man with us Jams Gardner helped him about beating & Letting Down the line ...