Mary Ann Luce

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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1838 – December 31, 1839)

    August 4, 1838 ~ Saturday Aug 4th I visited the people from house to house & taught in the family circle. I spent the night at Mr Pease. 4. August 5, 1838 ~ Sunday 5. Sunday I preached two discourses in the town house in Camden to a large congregation but the people do not realize it to be a day of warning and not of many words this is the last time I shall lift up my voice unto this people, and when the ...
    August 4, 1838 August 5, 1838 August 6, 1838 August 7, 1838 August 8, 1838 August 9, 1838
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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1841 – December 31, 1842)

    & fals rumour from Priest & people of evry sect and party who hav^e^ deluged the whole land with tracts pamphlets & newspaper stories against the Saints but notwithstanding this the work still progresses throughout that land it is doing well in London Manchester & many other places in England, Scotland, Wales &c Elder Hyde has gone to Germany on his way to Jerrusalem, Elder P P. Pratt also ...