Mrs. Allen

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    Part of Journal (December 29, 1833 - January 3, 1838)

    July 6, 1837 ~ Thursday A view of the place of my nativity July 6th This was a day of great interest to me I left aunt Wheelers, after visiting Daniel Luther, and many in the place I walked in Comp any with Elder Hale on the Canal to Uncle Adna Hart's from thence to Woodfords mills built and formerly owned by my father Aphek Woodruff I was born and spent my youth upon the place after ...
    July 6, 1837
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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1838 - December 31, 1839)

    setting in the western horizon. It brought fresh to my recollection the days of my youth when I was wont to travel this road with PHILO, ASAHEL & others but time wiates for no man, after taking this walk I returned to fathers house & Preached to the citizens of farmington the congregation was principly composed of rich men I had the spirit of Preaching & I warned them not to trust in uncertain riches. I spoke upon the second coming & reign of Christ ...
    June 21, 1838 June 22, 1838 June 23, 1838