Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1847 – December 31, 1853)

    May 16, 1850 ~ Thursday 16th I rode upon the steamer to Kanesville & met with Br Gibson & many others distance from St Louis to Kanesville [blank] miles whole distance from Boston to Kanesville via New York, Phil, Pittsburgh & St Louis [blank] miles I went to Kanesville spent A little time atwith Elder Hyde 17ththen returned called upon Brother Alread & went ...
    May 16, 1850 May 17, 1850 May 18, 1850
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    Part of Autobiography 1882 Leaves from My Journal Notes Testimony

    of the Home as I was going to bed the same spirit said to me go & move your Mules away from that oak tree which was one hundred yards north of our carriage I moved them to a [young] hickery grove & tied them up & went to bed in thirty minuts a whirlwind took the tree ^from the shaft near the ground^ to which my mules were fastened & carried it one hundred yards swept two fences in its course and laid it prostrate through that yard where my carriage stood and the top limbs hit my ...
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    Part of Letter to Parley P. Pratt, 12 June 1842

    about 2000, the female Releaf Society Nos about 500 the Nauvoo Masonic Lodge, about 300, all vary active in their sphere, I think you would Hardly know Nauvoo was you to come into it the prairies are ploughed fenced & planted for miles around Nauvoo their is considerable excitement though the state about our voting in the coming election President Rigdon runs for our Senator it is not yet decided who will run for our representatives. Mormonism is making quite a noise through the world whare it is known ...
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    Part of Letter to Parley Parker Pratt, 5 August 1845

    much consolation to me in the perusal of the prophet to learn that Br Parley has backed up my teaching & testimony which I gave to the Saints in the New England Chuches in my visit with them on my way to England I saw it was necessary for some such man as Br Parley to preside over that region & my soul rejoiced when I herd you was there. I am glad Elder Brannan is restored. I think he will be much ...