Vinein Aviela

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    Aug 27, 1879 from the sweepings of the Houses it did not look as though any of it had been carted away for generations there was other Mounds of a similar kinds in other parts of the city August 28, 1879 ~ Thursday Aug 28 [FIGURES] A great Day in Islata the streets were crouded at an Early hour with Islatas Mexicans and Americans. Our room was in the midst of it the two Lagoonie chiefs were with us the ...
    August 28, 1879 August 29, 1879
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    erial, for they still hold the art of making and painting. We vis- ited quite a number of the fzamilies at the village and were kindly entertained. Among others, we visited Mrs. Pascual Avieta, a Neph- ite lady, I should judge 50 years of age, a large portly woman, with a large, fine home; floors neatly carpeted, settees covered with Navajoe blankets, wiorth $15 each. She was neatly dressed. I was introduced to her by Brother Tenney and her daughters and sons. She received me and treated me with all the elegance that any ...