President of the Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation

Our mission, by 2030, is to digitally preserve and publish Wilford Woodruff’s eyewitness account of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ from 1833 to 1898. Our purpose in making Wilford Woodruff’s faithful records universally accessible is to inspire all people, especially the rising generation, to study and increase their faith in Jesus Christ, understand and honor sacred temple covenants, and thereby receive the blessings of exaltation with their families.

The President, subject to the direction of the Board, has day-to-day responsibility for the  general supervision, direction, and management of the business of the Foundation and works hand-in-hand with the Executive Director who supervises, directs, and manages the Project.   


President’s Responsibilities:

  • Overseeing and managing the Foundation’s governance, development, accounting, and public relations functions. Such management includes working closely with and coordinating the activities of the Governance, Development, Finance and Audit, and Public Relations Committees of the Board;
  • Working with the Board and the Development Committee in cultivating and soliciting major and individual gifts;
  • Ensuring the Foundation’s activities promote its mission;
  • Working with officers and individual committees to ensure each is on track to meet the Foundation’s goals and each understands her/his role in relation to the others and the Foundation’s mission;
  • Signing contracts, agreements, or other instruments on behalf of the Foundation as approved by the Board;
  • Supporting the Board and the Board committees to carry out their governance functions;
  • Partnering with the Chair of the Board and Executive Director of the Foundation to ensure the Board’s directives, policies, and resolutions are carried out;
  • Generating effective communications about the Foundation and its mission, priorities, importance, programs, and activities in cooperation with the Public Relations Committee;
  • Championing the Foundation and advocating its mission to internal and external stakeholders;
  • Ensuring sound risk management practices;
  • Other responsibilities as directed by the Board of Directors.


President’s Requirements:

  • Transparent and high integrity leadership.
  • Senior nonprofit management experience preferred. Alternatively, significant relevant for-profit management experience.
  • Experience and skill in working with a Board of Directors.
  • High level strategic thinking and planning. 
  • Ability to effectively communicate the organization’s mission to donors, volunteers, Board members, and the overall community.
  • Demonstrated ability to oversee and collaborate with staff, volunteers, Advisors, and Board members.
  • A history of successfully generating new revenue streams and improving financial results.
  • Fundraising experience; excellent donor relations skills and understanding of the funding community.
  • Previous success in establishing relationships with individuals and organizations of influence including funders, partner agencies, and volunteers.
  • Solid organizational abilities, including planning, delegating, and task facilitation.
  • Strong financial management skills, including budget preparation, analysis, decision making and reporting.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Strong work ethic with a high degree of energy.


Pay range $100,000-$150,000 or commensurate with experience and ability. 

The Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation offers only remote positions. To apply, send your resume/CV and a cover letter stating your reasons for supporting the mission of the Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation to