Building Latter-day Faith Conference Call For Student Papers/Presentations

2023 Conference Building Latter-day Faith: Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation

The Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation will hold its first conference, “Building Latter-day Faith,” on Saturday, March 4, 2023, at the Hinckley Building on the campus of Brigham Young University. Graduate and undergraduate students are invited to propose papers/presentations for the Conference. 

Papers/presentations should intersect with building latter-day faith. They should be the original work of the student and based on Wilford Woodruff’s papers ( They will be historical in nature but presenters are also encouraged to creatively include interdisciplinary aspects. For example, papers/presentations could include arts, humanities, and/or social sciences. 

Because the Conference seeks to foster excellent research in Wilford Woodruff’s papers and sharing of the knowledge gained thereby, as many as 10 student papers/presentations may be accepted. Each successful applicant will receive a $500 honorarium from the Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation. The exception will be the finest few papers. They will be awarded more substantial honoraria by the Conference Committee. The best paper will be awarded $2,000, the second-place paper will be awarded $1,500, third place $1,000. The Conference Committee will judge student papers/presentations based on these criteria: the importance/relevance of the issue considered (25%), original research in the Wilford Woodruff Papers (50%), clarity, and quality of the paper/presentation (25%). 

Proposals should be submitted to by August 1, 2022. A proposal must include the name and contact information of the submitter, the title of the paper/presentation, an abstract of 250-300 words including a clear thesis statement, and a list of specific Wilford Woodruff papers on which the paper/presentation will be based. Papers/presentations must be delivered within 25 minutes maximum.

Who: Undergraduate and Graduate students 
What: Call for Papers / Presentations 
Where: Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation: Building Latter-day Faith Conference When: March 4, 2023 (proposals due: August 1, 2022) 
Why: Papers based on Wilford Woodruff’s documents 
How: Submit proposals to 
Awards: 1st = $2,000, 2nd =$1,500, 3rd=$1,000, Honorarium = $500 (up to 7 papers)