Church History and the World | The Contributions of Emma Smith, First Lady of the Restored Gospel

Richard Turley and Jennifer Reeder

Join The John A. Widtsoe Foundation in an interactive virtual conversation and Q&A series discussing key components of Church History. This series is hosted by Richard E. Turley Jr., Widtsoe Foundation Board Member and former Managing Director of the Church History Department, and is joined by esteemed historians and other experts to discuss insights into each topic, and their impact on members of the Church across the globe. The topics coincide with the Come Follow Me curriculum, and our hope is that these conversations enhance your Come Follow Me study and help Church members around the world understand how Church history connects with them, and how it connects them together more deeply. In this month’s conversation, we were pleased to be joined by Jennifer Reeder, Author of First: The Life and Faith of Emma Smith. The pair discussed Reeder’s recent publication about Emma Smith, and her impact on the global Church from a historical standpoint, and also for today's diverse members. She also answered audience questions about Emma's life.

FAIR Voice Episode #27: Wilford Woodruff Papers part 2

Hanna Seriac, Steve Harper, and Jennifer Mackley

Host Hanna Seriac talks to our Executive Editor, Steve Harper, and our Executive Director, Jennifer Mackley, about Wilford Woodruff's life and conversion, the development of temple doctrine, and what we can learn from him about continuing revelation. They end the interview with a discussion of how the Wilford Woodruff Papers Project got started and what the process is to collect, digitize, preserve, and publish Wilford's documents.

FAIR Voice Episode #26: Wilford Woodruff Papers part 1

Steve Harper and Jennifer Mackley

Listen as our Executive Editor, Steve Harper, interviews Jennifer Mackley, our Executive Director and co-founder of the Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation. Together they discuss Jennifer's interest in Wilford Woodruff, why and how she decided to make this project her life's passion, and why President Woodruff's extensive record keeping gives us such a clear view of the Restoration of the gospel.

Saints, Episode 44: Blessed Peace

Ben Godfrey, Shalyn Back, and Jenny Lund

Hosts Ben Godfrey and Shalyn Back discuss the dedication of the Salt Lake Temple with Director of the Historic Sites Division in the Church History Department, Jenny Lund. The Saints viewed the temple dedication as the culmination of decades of persecution and struggle, as the prophet at the time and as one who was with Brigham Young as they chose the site for the temple, President Woodruff plays a pivotal role in the building and dedication of the Salt Lake Temple.

Saints, Episode 28: Until the Coming of the Son of Man

Ben Godfrey, Shalyn Back, and Jeff Anderson

Ben Godfrey and Shalyn Back interview Jeff Anderson, who works on the Global Acquisition team in the Church History Department, caring for found and donated historical documents. Together they discuss the spread of the gospel to Hawaii and Europe, the early translations of the Book of Mormon, the early church academies, and the first temples built in Utah Territory during Wilford Woodruff's lifetime.

Saints, Episode 4: An Ensign to the Nations

Ben Godfrey, Shalyn Back, and Jake Olmstead

Ben Godfrey and Shalyn Back talk to Jake Olmstead, Curator of Historic Sites for the Church History Department, about Brigham Young and Wilford Woodruff's arrival to the Salt Lake Valley as they seek a refuge to build their temple. Olmstead explains Wilford’s role as record keeper and witness to Brigham Young's vision of the temple site, and the importance of those two acting together as the prophet who begins work on the Salt Lake Temple and the future prophet who completes and dedicates the temple after President Young's death.

LDS Perspectives, Episode #57: The Evolution of Temple Doctrine

Sarah Hatch and Jennifer Mackley

Host Sarah Hatch discusses Jennifer Mackley's book, Wilford Woodruff's Witness: The Development of Temple Doctrine. Jennifer, now our Executive Director and co-founder of the Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation, explains how her mother introduced her to Wilford Woodruff's vision of the Founding Fathers in the St. George Temple, and how her interest grew from there.

Rational Faiths, Episode 20: Wilford Woodruff's Witness

Geoff Nelson and Jennifer Mackley

Host Geoff Nelson talks with Jennifer Mackley, author of Wilford Woodruff’s Witness: The Development of Temple Doctrine, and now our project's Executive Director, about how she became the leading expert and historian on Wilford Woodruff's life and record. She explains why Wilford's undiluted perspective is so important to Church history, particularly as it relates to the development of temple doctrine and the process of continuing revelation.