Internship Opportunities

Our Fall Internships are filled. If you're interested in an internship starting in January, please submit your resume by November 30.

The Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation is excited to announce a new opportunity for college and high school students to join the Wilford Woodruff Papers Project as interns. Through a generous grant from the Sorenson Legacy Foundation we are now able to hire 10 qualified interns each semester for the next 3 years. 


All current internships are virtual, which means any high school, undergraduate, or graduate student anywhere in the world can contribute to this unique project. We currently have interns who are pursuing studies in Editing, Publishing, History, Humanities, Family History, and Data Sciences. However, internships are available in any discipline and we will also consider Senior Project proposals. 


For more information, please watch this video introduction by three of our current interns.


Internship Descriptions:


If you are interested in applying for an internship:


High school students please email your statement of interest in the Wilford Woodruff Papers Project and any relevant experience to


College students please contact the internship coordinator within your department. Some links are included below:



Ensign College 

U of U



Weber State 

Westminster College  


For senior projects, please email your resume, statement of interest in the Wilford Woodruff Papers, and proposal to