Letter from George Teasdale, 28 September 1889 [LE-39976]

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[sideways text] Sept. 28 [18]89
Geo. Teasdale
Recd Oct 9 [18]89

[unknown writer] no answer [end of sideways text]


42 Islington, Liverpool,

President W. Woodruff,
Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dear Brother:

Your favor of the
23rd ult was received and read with much pleasure
and I have deemed it wisdom to publish it in part
for the encouragement of the Elders that they may
redouble their efforts and work whilst the day
lasts. Prest Fjeldsted writes us under date of Sep. 21st
as follows—"It is with regret that I must inform
you that we are meeting with quite an oppo-
in the Aalborg Conference, as also oin
Bornholm, from which places now several
of the Elders have been banished so I have
for athe time being compelled to withdraw the
missionaries from Bornholm and send the
one (bro E. Kofford), under banishment, to Norway
where also a brother Nielsen from Aalborg
Conf[eren]ce had to go a few weeks ago, and now
Bro. C. K. Hansen, President of Aalborg Conf[eren]ce
is also banished and Bro L. C. Johnson expects
to get papers served on him in a few days,
but I have changed him to another Con-
ference so perhaps he can evade the officers
and remain in Denmark. The police are
also seeking after the other brethren now laboring

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in Aalborg Conf[eren]ce and if found will of course
also be banished." Prest Fjeldsted also says—
"Outside from these troubles we enjoy peace in
the other parts of the mission and the brethren
are meeting with encouraging success in
various places." He also informs me he has
sent a native elder to Preside in Alalborg. We have
had some little encouragement also. Last Sun-
day I attended an excellent Conference of the
Norwich Conf[eren]ce. There was five to have been
baptized but through some misunderstanding
two men did not meet with the others, but
three were baptized and confirmed. In the
Scottish Mission also there have been some
baptisms. Next Sunday I expect to attend a
Conference of that Mission in Glasgow. We
have the half yearly statistical reports of the
Conferences of the British Mission and find
(193) one hundred and ninety three baptisms
(155) one hundred and fifty five emigrated (53)
fifty three excommunicated and (23) twenty
three died; a decrease of (66) sixty six to the mission
(3230) Thirty two hundred and thirty, officers and
members comprise the British Mission, good
& bad. We have just published our Book of Mor-
Ad broadcast, as much as to tell the people
what the Book of Mormon is as to make business
and so leave them without excuse. We have
sold some we should not have done if we

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had not advertized but not enough to pay us
in a financial point. We keep pushing our
business to try and sell books. Our next
venture is a cheap edition of the Hymn Book
so all our children and young people as
well as grown people, can have one for
one shilling. Our cheap edition of the Book
of Mormon
for two shillings and our
Voice of Warning for sixpence has been
quite a success in spreading the know-
ledge of the gospel and the scriptures. The
blessing of the Lord has been with us.
He put it into our hearts to publish
these cheap editions and He has prosper-
ed us in our labors. I hope for the sake
of the work and of the people the elders
will not be withdrawn from the nations
until He says it is enough. There is a
pleasure in laboring for the Lord, in la-
boring for Zion, if it is uphill business,
or rowing against the stream, with all
its discouragement it has its lights and
shadows, its joys and sorrows. The exper-
ience the elders gain is invaluable in fact
it is priceless. It could not be gained under
any other circumstances. Elder W. P. Payne was

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unwilling to return he made a most excellent
missionary. And as a general thing all the
Elders say when spoken to about their release
or released—"Just as you say Bro. Teasdale" we
are in the hands of the Lord." This is the result
of intelligence, they know this is the Work of
the Lord that we are engaged in and that
theirre is an order in His Curhurch and feel safe
in sustaining that order. Your letter concern
ing the release of Bro. A Judd has been re-
ceived. We have telegraphed him for the
5th of October Company if he can get
ready. He will be missed in the Hol-
mission. Bro. Brown writes me
he does not know what to do with the
last three missionaries who have been
appointed to Holland as they cannot speak
the language and it takes a year before
they can be of any service to the mission
He is in want of elders who can go into
the field and push the sale of the Book
of Mormon
and be an immediate help
to him. Our good friend Mr Ramsden
has just apprized us of the accident
that happened to the Wisconsin Company
that Bro. W. P. Payne had charge of. Is it

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not wonderful that no one was killed or
crippled in such a terrible smash up? Sure-
ly it is another evidence of the matchless
love and power of God manifested in the
protection of His people. It is marvellous!
Mr Ramsden has also caused the Post to
insert another paragraph concerning
that canard they published about "Mob-
bing Mormon Missionaries" Mr Ramsden
says in a letter to me—"I sent one of the copies
of the "Star" to the Daily Post and asked them
not to give you the trouble of inserting
such articles for the future I think it will
do them good and make them more care-
ful in future."—Mr Ramsden is our true
friend. I often think if we were all as faith-
ful in our sphere as he is in his we would
all do pretty well. And this man cannot
see the truth as the Saints have the privilege
but if he was a member of the Church
he could not treat our people better
than he does. I should like to know if the
Post would have published that at our
request? I doubt it very much for it has
always been very bitter towards our
people. I am happy to say we are all

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well in body and mind. We thank you
very kindly for your faith and prayers
and for the prayers of your counsellor's
and the Twelve, for they are certainly
answered. Jarman & Co are continuing their
lectures because there is money in it, but they
seem to have lost their influence. We are
letting them severely alone and this seems
the best way to do. The Lord is certainly
able to do His own work, and from the
very fact that He has allowed Jarman & Co.
to travel and vilify His people for so
many years is an evidence that it is
for a purpose hereafter to be developed.
With kindest love to the First Presidency,
The Twelve and all associated with you
and with continual prayers for your wel-
fare and blessing

I remain, as ever,
Your brother in the gospel
George Teasdale