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    When we have the principles of the gospel revealed to us through the mouth of the Savior, or by inspired prophets or apostles, we have no need to ask the Lord to reveal that unto us again. While the priesthood is restored to the earth, and the revelations of God are revealed to us through the mouths of prophets and apostles concerning the fullness of the gospel —doctrine, ordinances and principles, we should study them, and treasure up knowledge by faith. We should study out of the best books, and the Holy Ghost will bring to our remem- brance those things which we stand in need of, in the self-same hour that we are called to teach the people.
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    The spirit of revelation is in connexion with those blessings. A person may profit by noticeing the first intimations of the spirit of revelation for Instance when you feel pure intelligence flowing unto you it may give you sudden shak[e]s of Ideas that by noticing it you may find it fulfi- lled the same day or soon ie those things that were presented unto your minds by the
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    Now their is some grand secrett here & keys to unlock the subject. Notwithstanding the Apostle exhorts them to make their calling add to their faith virtue, knowledge temperance &c yet he exhorts them to make their calling & election shure & though they had herd the audible voice from heaven bearing testimony that Jesus was the son of God yet he says we have a more sure word of Prophecy whare unto ye do well that ye take heed as unto a light shining in a dark place. Now wharein could they have a more sure word of prophecy
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    It matereth not whether we live long or short after we come to a knowlede of these princi- ples & obey them. I know that all men will be damned if they do not come in the way which God has appointed
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    As concerning the resurrection I will merly say that all men will come from the grave as they lie down, whether old or young their will not be added unto ther stature one cubit neither taken from it. All being raised by the power of God having the Spirit of God in their bodies & not blood Children will be enthroned in the presence of God & the Lamb with bodies of the same stature that were on earth. Having been redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb they will there enjoy a fulness of that light Glory & intelligence which is receiv- ed in the Celestial kingdom of God. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, for they rest from their
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    As far as we degenerate from God we desend to the devil & looses knowledge & without knowle- dge we cannot be saved & while our hearts are filled with evil & we are studying evil their is no room in our hearts for good or studying good, is not God good, yea then you be good, if he is faithful then you be faithful. Add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge, & seek for evry good thing the Church must be cleansed & I proclaim against all iniquity. A man is saved no faster than he gets knowledge for it he does not get knowledge he will be brought into captivity by some evil power in the other world as evil spirits will have more knowlede & consequent ly more power than many men who are
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    Good and righteous men will administer justice & rebuke evil & the church should be clensed from bad men & the Lord will take his own way to clens the Church, we should lift up our voice against wickedness of all kinds, but will the rulers of our land do it no they will not, they will be cowards untill their is no man to fight & then be brave when goverment will not do it some man should take the helm of government that will do it, will it be called treason if the God of heaven should set up a kingdom, may the Lord give you more & more of his spirit light & intelligence untill you are cemented together in union & love Amen
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    Now for the secret & grand [FIGURE] key, though they might hear the voice of God & know that Jesus was the son of God this woudd be no evidence that their election & calling & election was made shure that they had part with Christ & was a Joint heir with him, they then would want that more sure word of Prophecy that they were sealed in the heavens & had the promise of eternal live in the kingdom of God then having this promise sealed unto them it was as an anchor to the soul sure & steadfast though the thun- ders might roll, & lightnings flash & earthquakes bellow & war gather thick around yet this hope & knowledge would support the soul in evry hour of trial trouble & tribulation Then knowledge through our Lord & savior Jesus Christ is the grand key [FIGURE] that unlocks the glories & misteries of the kingdom of heaven.
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    Then I would exhort you to go on & continue to call upon God untill you make your calling & election sure for yourselves by obtaining this more sure word of Prophesey & wait patiently for the promise untill you obtain it
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    The Saints need not think because I am familiar with them & am playful & cheerful that I am ignorant of what is going on inipuity cannot be retained in the Church of any kind & it will not fare well whare I am for I am determined while I do lead the Church to lead them right
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    mind, not by force of Arms, but by free will because they want to do the will of God & it is accomplished by truth itself that is manifest from Heaven by intelligence that he sees in heaven and it is power in itself it is on this principle that power rests the Lord begins to teach a man what he can do and if he never would know what he was taught he never would know what he could do. No people can com- prehend it but the Church of God, then one of the main things in the ...
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    today then the Lord begins to teach him the the things of God & heaven & I will make you like myself. I will give you my spirit & make you feel like my family, & this is the pivot to a God then decide & go & be Baptized then you will be in the way of salvation, if he decide otherwise he will not be any better. A word upon the spirit, this noble decision of the mind causes angels to rejoice in the Heavens for their is more joy over one sinner that repenteth than ...
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    Barasheet in the beginning, Analize the word in and through the head, an old Jew added the word Bath, it red the head one of the gods, broat forth the gods. I will transpose it in the english language. I want you to know & learn that the Holy Ghost knows sumthing. The grand Council set at the head and contemplated the creation of the world, some will say the script- ures say so & so, but I will show you a text out of an old book containing the four ...
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    The soul the mind of man, whare did it come from. The learned says God made it in the beginning, but it is not so, I know better God has told me so. If you dont believe it, it wont make the truth without effect God was a self exhisting being, man exhist upon the same prin- ciple. God made a tabernacle & put a spirit in it and it became a Human soul, man exhisted in spirit & mind coequal with God himself, you who mourn the loss of friends are ...
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    How comes the awful responsibility if in relation to our dead, if they do not be baptized they must be damned. (I wish I had 40 days to talk) what promises are made, what can be said if in the grave, God dwells in eternity, and he does not view things as we do, the greatest responsibility lade open us in this life is in relation to our dead Paul cannot be made perfect without us, for it is necessary that the seals are in our hands to seal our children & ...
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    April 8, 1837 ~ Saturday April 8th Spent the day in writing my Journal Spent the evening at Elder Milicans in Good Company April 9, 1837 ~ Sunday 9th Sunday morning I repaired to the house of the Lord to worship with the Saints Father John Smith opened the meeting by prayer then read the twelvth chapter of the second Book of Nephi & preached from it unto the people. In the latter part of the Day Elder
    April 8, 1837 April 9, 1837
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    All of which persons were then ordained unto the offices assigned them under the Hands of Elders W. Woodruff G. A. Smith & Ezra Thayer Appropriate remarks were then made by Elders Woodruff & Smith by way of council & instruction to those who had been ordained, & was followed by Elder David Savage. Adjourned to Sunday 10 oclok May 19, 1844 ~ Sunday 19th Met persuant to adjournment, opened by singing, & prayer by Elder A. M. Wilsey A ...
    May 19, 1844
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    September 3, 1840 ~ Thursday 3rd I felt some better this morning But am confin ed most of the day to my room Elders Kimball & Smith took a walked into the City September 4, 1840 ~ Friday 4th Elders Kimball & Smith took a walk to Debt ford, & I took a walk into the city called upon Br Corner found him in good Spirits. I also called upon A Mr
    September 3, 1840 September 4, 1840
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    Nauvoo Aug 28th 1844 To all the saints Elders and Saints in Europe greeting. We send our beloved brother Wilford Woodruff to England to take charge of all the business transac- tions pertaining to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints both spiritual and temporal, we wish you to give diligent heed to his council in all things and as we have not the opportunity of Informing you of what has transpired this season by letter, our beloved ...
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    February 7, 1842 ~ Monday to February 11, 1842 ~ Friday Feb 7, 8, & 9 ^10 & 11^ I spent in the printing office & was busy in setting in order many things about the office February 12, 1842 ~ Saturday 12th I attended the City Council it was an interesting day the subject of our rights was discused & among other things a Law passed regulating hawkers pedlers auctioneers &c February 13, 1842 ~ Sunday 13th I preached on Sunday at Br ...
    February 7, 1842 February 11, 1842 February 12, 1842 February 13, 1842 February 14, 1842 February 16, 1842 February 17, 1842 February 18, 1842 February 19, 1842