"A Marvelous Work and a Wonder” | Come, Follow Me March 11-17

Speaker: Maddie Christensen 

Editor: Aubrey Barzee

Come, Follow Me


As part of His earthly ministry, Christ did everything for the benefit of the world, ultimately sacrificing His life because of His love for us. 

We often show love to those we care for by buying them gifts, calling to check on them, supporting them in an activity, or serving them. These are all great ways to show our love—but Christ has asked us to do more. He has asked us to bring others to Him so they can enjoy eternal blessings that only He can offer.

Does Christ want only a select few to have these blessings? No. In 2 Nephi 26:25 He invites, “Come unto me all ye ends of the earth.” Christ wants all of us to belong to His Church and have a “sense of belonging.”

Wilford Woodruff felt this desire to bring others to God as soon as he first heard the gospel preached on December 29, 1833. When he heard Zerah Pulsipher preach, Wilford knew it was what he had been looking for. He wrote, “I could not feel it my duty to leave the house without bearing witness to the truth before the people.” He was soon baptized, and over the next three months, he labored with other members in the Richland area to teach the truth they had found. 

Christ invites all to come unto Him. As members of Jesus Christ’s Church, it is our duty to invite those around us to come to Him.