"He Shall Rise … with Healing in His Wings” | Come, Follow Me March 25-31

Speaker: Scott Hansen 

Editor: Aubrey Barzee

Come, Follow Me


Hi! I'm Scott. 

The beauty of the resurrection is found in the promise that because of Jesus Christ, we all will live again. This truth was confirmed to Wilford Woodruff in a conversation with an angel: Wilford “saw armies of men in the first resurrection, clothed with the robes of the Holy Priesthood.” 

Through a revelatory experience, Wilford’s faith and hope in the doctrine of resurrection became knowledge. He saw for himself the promised blessings of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

If you are struggling with your faith in Jesus Christ this Easter season, find refuge in the experiences of others. Through diligent seeking, you, too, can turn your faith into knowledge that because of our Savior, we will all live again.