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    1862 Priestood and we are sent on a mission to the Nations of the Earth, we go & Preach the gospel & bring many into the church and the Power of the Holy Ghost rest upon us. We heal the sick, cast out devils, command the Elements & they obey us & the Lord gives unto us dreams visions & Revelations and many Blessings should we not have respect Enough to gGod to make a record of those Blessings which He pours out upon us and Our official acts which we do in his name ...
    February 12, 1862
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    Again Elders go forth upon missions to the nations of the earth They have to enter into a regular warefare. The Lord pours out his Holy Spirit upon them and they war with the world the flesh and the devil, with kings princes lords presidents and rulers. They are cast into prison and the Lord delivers them. The devil enters into some of their converts and they lay hands upon them and cast them out. The Saints are sick and they heal them. They prophesy in the name of the Lord and their ...
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    JOURNAL OF DISCOURSES. We live in a very different age and generation; we live in the day and time when God has set his hand to fulfill a measure of prophecy and revelation to man, in the great dis- pensation of all dispensations. As an individual I do not believe that many more years will roll over the heads of the inhabitants of the earth before the resurrection will be upon them, and then these children, which we are called to bury to-day, will come forth from their graves, clothed with glory, immortality, and eternal life ...