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    I wish you to understand this subject for it is important & if you will recieve it this is the spirit of Elijah that we redeem our dead & connect ourselves with our fathers which are in heaven & seal up our dead to come forth in the first resurrection & here we want the power of Elijah to seal those who dwell on earth to those which dwell in heaven this is the power of Elijah & the keys
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    We repaired to the water whare the Spirit of God & the solemnities of of Eternity rested upon us While administering the ordinance of Baptism. It was A scene that caused rejoicing in both heaven & Earth to view 3 men lead their wives into the same element whare our Saviour had lain to obey the mandates of heaven
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    I assembled this small camp of Israel together at Br Albert Pettys tent to address them for the last time & after they were assembled I arose to address them & although the rain desended in torrents so that we wer e wet through a good tent yet my soul was vibrated & fired with emotions & feeling of no ordinary nature I endeavor'd to lay before them the worth & value of the cause they were ingaged in & that they were the first in fullfiling the Prophets who spake of the south keeping not back & that it would be recorded upon the archives of heaven to be read in the day of eternity that they were the first fruits of the south who had spread their tents for zion
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    Our knowledge comes by experi[ence] it is Necessary that we should have crosses & trials of all kinds in order to gain knowledge by experience if we overcome we get a great victory continue to do so untill we arive at our high stations to become Gods Organize worlds & controle them. All our passions God gave us but we must controll them & make a right use of them. Our spirits were pure from Eternity but condescended to take a body in its impure state was married to it will continue with it through time in mortality through Eternity in Immortality.
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    the liberty of the Holy Gospel was peace & righteousness we had no liberty to take away another mans rights but the first principle of liberty was resignation & submission for go whare you will to Heaven or Hell you have to submit to laws we are at liberty to adobt evry Holy principle to all Eternity go East North or South keep evry thing you want for yourself wife children houses cattle & create out of the elements evry thing you can yet you are not at liberty to infringe upon the rights of men you may have the privilege to do all things that is done in heaven. Organize the elements give commands & rule over kingdoms but be subject to such laws as you are under the law of liberty is to do right for God to all Eternity the opposite principle is to be discontented with things to be different from what they are this is Hell & all the Hell their is I dont care how things are if I do right we shall find the law of liberty to be Eternal life light & peace which will increase to all Eternity we ought not to do an Evil to cause pain to any crea- ture
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    God will increase his kingdom to all Eternity so shall we increase our kingdom to all Eternity
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    then comes the time when Joseph and all will receive their keys & turn them to the saints in this dispensation & reveal the mysteries of Eternity to the Saints who have their celestial bodies they will be qualifyed to receive a fulness of celestial glory & spirit & will receive all they can Endure but they will grow to all Eternity in knowledge & power
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    their is no other kingdom like this on the Earth the Ancient Apostles had no more of the spirit of God to prepare them for their work then our Apostles have for the work which they have to perform in our day I would say that the dispensation of Moses & Christ & the Apostles looks like this dis- pensation though this dispensation will eclips all other dispensations for it is the finishing up of the building Moses never began to do what we have to do. I am of the opinion that men that are our prophets Apostles & leaders that have laid the foundation of this Church & kingdom & are building upon it were reserved forom Eternity to come forth in this dispensation to accomplish the great work which is to be done neve[r] did men live with more nerve desission of character perseverance faith & power than those that lead this dispensation
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    President Young then addressed the camp in an Interesting manner, said he was satisfyed that the Lord was with us & Leading us had never seen a company of people more united than the camp had been thus far on the journey, that we should pluck the fruits of this mission to all Eternity
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    God promised to Abraham that his seed should be as numerous as the stars of Heaven & the sands of the seashore & to his seed there should be no end this of course would continue through all Eternity, the same blessing is upon our heads if we are faith ful for our eyes have not seen, our ears herd neither entered into our hearts the great things that God has in store for us.
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    Elders Kimball Pratt G. A. Smith & Brown continued on to take an observation with the Barrometer on the dividing ridge & they con- tinued on to the waters of the green river 7 miles from us that run into the pacific while we were on the Sweet water that runs into [t]he Atlantic; they supposed we should come on to them and as they did not return several ...
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    entirely wasted away as a people, if the brethren had not gone they would have made war upon us & the Govr. of Mo would have been ordered not to have let us cross the Missouri & the raising of the Battalion was our temporal Salvation at the time & said Polk would be damned for this act & that he with many of the goverment men had a hand in the death of Joseph & Hyram & that they ...
    July 29, 1847
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    [page torn] [c]laim his child in the morning of the resurrection & the Lord will give it up to him. I had my children sealed to me in the [page torn] [t]emple except one that died & that I shall leave in the hands of [page torn] [t]he Lord, untill I have another opportunity. As soon as we get up some doby houses for our families we shall go to work to build another Temple & as soon as a place is prepared we shal[l] commence the Endowments ...
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    [page torn] [o]f any one of the quorum of the Twelve to show them their error & teach them what was right, & should the majority of those coun- cils get corrupt & try to lead asstray the people it would then be the duty of any one of the Twelve to disannul those councils & call upon the people to sustain him & appoint a new one but while the Councils are trying to do right it would be the duty of the Twelve who might be with them to assist them in carrying ...
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    meeting in an interesting manner & gave good teaching. He said a man by seeking that which did not belong to him would loose that which he seemeth to have as in this case Br Andrews by unlawfully marrying this woman is now left without any wife there is no Elder in this church [who has] any right to marry a woman to a man who has a living wife, many men act like fools as soon as they get an idea that women should obey their husbands & be passive in their ...
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    January 22, 1848 ~ Saturday 22nd I spent the day at home choreing January 23, 1848 ~ Sunday 23rd Sunday I preached to the saints in my ward was followed by Brs Pulsipher & Porter & we had a good time and in the eve ning I went to the Council House and met with a large assembly Professor Pratt addressed them quite lengthy upon asstronomy philosophy, and various principles which he had studied much upon and also read a lengthy document which he ...
    January 22, 1848 January 23, 1848
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    or blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from hence forth saith the spirit for they rest from their labours (& if their friends are faithful) their works will follow them, but what is the time of our suffering in this life in comparison with Eternity After we have spent millions of ages in Eternity & we look back upon our time here & it will ownly look like the twinkling of an eye in comparison and so it will be in the waiting for the resurrection of our bodies it will be for a moment as ...
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    we should eat in the morning before we expose ourselves to riding in the cold, and if we wished to save hay and provinder give our cattle & stock warm stables in winte[r] for it would take much more to sustain the system in the open air he opposed the principle of air tight stove[s] they were not healthy and many other remarks were made by the speaker I have discoverd in my travels of late in the eastern states a great exhertion among the people to improve thei[r] system of education to make it interesting ...
    September 20, 1848 September 21, 1848 September 22, 1848
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    secondly; with respect to the sabbath we allmost universally Regard the first day of the week as the sabbath, but when God appeared to Moses on the mount he commanded him to keep the seventh day as the sabbath & not to labour on that day, so it appears that if their has mot been a change of the sabbath we as a body are not keeping the day that we ware commanded to keep still it is held up to view at this day that the sabbath has been changed, but is it mot allowed that their has ...
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    I made mention to you respecting the Church in Cincinnati I have since learned that that Church principly had mo[ved] to Missouri. But as I feel a great interest for your prosperyts [prosperity] Salvation & Eternal interest of all my relatives I wish you would read the Messenger & Advocate the paper published at Kirtland Ohio inasmuch as you have time & opportunity by that you will in some degree have if a chance of investigating the subject. I send our Parents the paper Brother