Lot Smith

Lot Smith (1830-1892) was born 15 May 1830 in Williamstown, Oswego Co., New York. He was the son of William O. Smith and Rhoda Hough. He married Lydia Minerva McBride on 3 Jun. 1851 in Great Salt Lake City, Great Salt Lake Co., Utah Territory; participated in plural marriage. He interacted with Wilford Woodruff when serving as a major in the Mormon Battalion, and he corresponded with Wilford Woodruff regularly about the Church in Arizona Territory in the 1880s. He died 21 Jun. 1892 in Tuba City, Coconino Co., Arizona Territory.


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    settle with Lot Smith but with a committee of his own choosing and said several times that he was perfectly satisfied with the settlement. Instead of his working all the time that he speaks of, he spent one whole summer on a visit to Utah took his wife and family and Lot Smith fitted him out with 4 yoke of large fat beef cattle and wagon for he said he wanted to bring some trees. He took the cattle to Silver Reef and let them out to work ...
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    of a hearing before the Bishop and counsel as soon as he arrives he being absent at present. the following is his receipt of settlement Sunset Yavapai Co A T. Dec 19th 1878 This certifies that having been connected with the United Order company of Sunset and having lately withdrawn, that the said company have this day settled with me in full to my entire satis- faction Abraham Perkins. Since my return to Sunset I have been visited by a good many of the immigration and I am turning as many ...
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    has told all the emigration not to load down their teams with flour, they can get all they want in the settlements as cheap as in Utah. Others say they go by Bro Hatch's letters that tell them what to bring to Arizona to exchange for grain. Bro Hatch himself has not got a bushel of wheat or flour to feed his own big family. he looks towards Sunset for bread And even Brigham City across the river who raised 1200 bushels have sowed 300 or 400 ...
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    notify all people who emigrate here to buy bread stuff enough to last them till they can raise, and I wish Bro Taylor would have a notice published in the News to warn all persons who contemplate emigra- ting to Arizona to bring a supply of bread stuff with them as there will be the want of bread here. There is some 60 persons camped 30 miles down the river say they are poor no bread and nothing to buy it and want to wait two months for some children to ...
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    The destruction of Stock this year for the want of food and water and starting flour has been dreadful. Many have lost half of their stock and some nearly all. We received your letter in answer to ours on the timber question, also Bro Stayners with the scraps for which please receive our thanks, and I am happy to be able to inform you that we have received an answ- er from Mr Kelly which seems favorable. The following is a copy. Prescott Arizona Dec 29th 1879
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    like him very much but complain of Foutz. I was thankful to hear your health and the Council was good and that Bros Pratt & Richards were impro- ving. As to my health I am all right except my lungs. When I got cold in the fore part of winter I hardly get rid of it until spring. Let one go where I will in this country among the Saints I hold meetings every night. And the change of beds camping in wagons ...
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    God-father of a number of them if blessing them would make me so. On sunday morning after our return I was called upon by Bro Lot Smith to bless a fine son of his 10 days old, born to him in our absence by his wife Alice Ann Richards Smith weighing 11 lbs when born. I sealed upon him the name of Wilford Woodruff by request of his father. I hope these babies may live and make better men than their namesake. I have had a good deal of time ...
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    labor faithfully and prune the vineyard for the last time. The 166 & 167 pages of the D.C. as well as the 45 section as well as other revelations show what the Lord intends doing and He will not deny His Word in these instances than in the former. As a people we should trust in God and exercise faith in His word. I feel that Bro Cannon has a hard warfare during this Session of Congress and needs the faith, prayers and support of all the Saints. It is a general time of health ...
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    than this that they will hardly have time to put in spring crops, the companies who come in the spring should make some arrangements to bring breadstuff with them, but if there could be arrangements so that flour could be collected at Kanab it would be better than to haul it from Northern Utah. Another thing I want to name, those who are coming expecting to pay for land, if they could bring money instead of stock. I think it would be better for there is such a loss of stock in driving ...
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    Bro Taylor, there is another subject I wish to say a few words upon (although it is against the wish of Bro Lot Smith) it is this, Sunset, Brigham City, and St Joseph who live in the United Order have been verry zealous to sustain the Z.C.M.I. in Salt Lake in all their purchases but they have been the most unfortunate of human beings in all their deal with that Institution, especially in all Machinery. Bro Smith sent money ...