Niels Peder Anderson

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    OFFICE OF N. P. ANDERSON, COUNTY SURVEYOR. U.S. Deputy Surveyor AND Civil Engineer. Box Elder, Utah, Nov. 10th, 1891. Prest Wilford Wooddruff, Salt Lake City, Utah. Dear Brother: In the latter part of the summer I was asked if ^I^ would accept a mission to Scandinavia to labor in the literary department. I answered yes, and was thereupon informed to report to you as soon as I was ready after the 1st of Nov.; I therefore feel ...
    November 10, 1891
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    OFFICE OF N. P. ANDERSON COUNTY SURVEYOR U. S. Deputy Surveyor AND Civil Engineer Box Elder, Utah, Nov. 10th, 1891. was arrested some time before I was, and some of my friends thought I had better take the warning and the mission. I did not feel so dis- posed, for, if I had dodged the issue, I would had been considered guilty of all the crimes de- fined in the Edmund-Tucker bill, and because the prosecution had no chance to try the case, it would, to some extend be charged to the people, who support me in ...
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    N. P. Anderson 10 Nov. 1891 Recd 11 [Nov. 1891]