North Carolina

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    Part of Letter from Phebe Whittemore Carter Woodruff, 8 March 1840

    oppen their way, brother Young has been verry sick on his way— brother Kimbal was in the state of N.Y. some where but do not know where— brother J. Page is near Lima preaching— has baptized 8 or 10 O. Pratt was expecting to start for England as soon as he has company the last that I heard of him— Brother L. White called here a few days since says that he thinks of ...
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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1860 – October 22, 1865)

    Dec 31, 1861 This is the last day of 1861 which has past and gone and borne its report to heaven of the deeds of all Nations and men. This year has brought to pass much of the fulfillment of the predictions of the Ancient and Modern `Prophets of God. See this Journal DecJan 1st 1861 I there declaired as a Prophetic Historian that this year would be the most distressing year America Ever sayw since they were an independant Nation time has proven it so Five States viz
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    Part of Letter from Jedediah Morgan Grant, 13 July 1845

    midst, therefore our Union is Strong, we are doing all in our power to help^;^ to compleate the, Temple and the Nauvoo House. prayers are offered without ceaseing by day and Night, that; y^w^e may have the privelige of fulfiling the Commandments, that the blessings long looked for may come upon us, in the House of the Lord. In the City of New york the cause is, onward new, members are joining the Church, all are alive on the subject of building up Nauvoo the City ...
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    Part of Journal (February 1880 – December 1885)

    March 10, 1882 ~ Friday March 10, 1882 I spent the day in the office writing March 11, 1882 ~ Saturday 11. I spent the forenoon writing. I took cars with Brother Roskelley & Rode to Smithfield & spent the night 100 M March 12, 1882 ~ Sunday 132 Sunday I Attended Meeting in the Afternoon & spoke to the people one hour I met in the Evening Br Burton spoke 45 Minuts & W Woodruff 25 M.
    March 10, 1882 March 11, 1882 March 12, 1882 March 13, 1882 March 14, 1882