Robert Mason

Robert Mason (1748-1835) was born 1 Aug. 1748 in Groton, New London Co., Connecticut, British Colonial America. He was the son of Peter Mason Jr. and Margaret Fanning. He married Chloe Case about 1774 in Simsbury, Hartford Co., Connecticut, British Colonial America; widowed 17 May 1815. He married Urania Kilborn about 1817; widowed in 1832. He related visions to Wilford Woodruff in the early 1800s in Connecticut. He died 5 Feb. 1835 in Connecticut.


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    June 2nd 1869 I made the following Record from my Journal On the 21 day of April 1842 I was Baptized in the font For my Mother Bulah Woodruff & my two half Brothers Philo & Asahel Woodruff sons of Azubah & Aphek Woodruff see Journal April 21 1842 On the 15 May 1842 I was Baptized fo in the Font for my Great Grand Father Josiah ^Medad Eligah^ Woodruff & My Great Grand Mother ...
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    (Continued from page 168.) HISTORY OF WILFORD WOODRUFF. -[FROM HIS OWN PEN.]- At an early age my mind was exer- cised upon religious subjects, although I never made a profession until 1830. I did not then join any church, for the reason that I could not find any denomination whose doctrines, faith or practice, agreed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or the ordinances and gifts which the Apostles taught. Although the ministers of the day taught that the faith, gifts, graces, miracles and ordinances, which the ...
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    see paper apart* & after one days rest was enabled to attend to my labors again (see paper apart) Thes I have occupied considerable space in refering to those peculiar circumstances which have attended me during life. And to sum the matter up it stands about those I have broaken both legs (one twice in two) both arms, & both ancles ^my breast bone & 3 ribs^ ^my breast bone & 3 ribs^ have been drowned froze & scalded, & bit with a mad dog, have been in two water wheels under a full head of water * ^have ...
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    March 30, 1877 ~ Friday March 30, 1877 [FIGURES] This is the first day I ever went the Themple to get Endow- ^[FIGURE]^ ments for the Dead I got Endowments to day for the Prophets Robert Mason We gave Endowments to 150. There was 52 Elders ordained W Woodruff ordained 2. I was ordained a High Priest & Patriarch for the Prophet Mason. There was 152 of the dead of the Hart family baptized for to day Bulah A Woodruff Beatie was Baptized for 360 of them. The ...
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    April 6, 1877 Afternoon Prayer By John Taylor Joseph F Smith spoke one hour & 10 Minutes, John W Young 10 M[inutes]. April 7, 1877 ~ Saturday April 7. T. J. Jones Prayed C. C. Rich spoke 28 Minuts W Woodruff spoke 32 Minuts G Q Cannon 37 M[inutes] President Young said the purer the people are the more the Devel will rage, but the less Power the people will have to do us injury ...
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    April 10, 1877 ^Phebe A Snow got Endowments for Hannah Seavey Bulah A for Pauline Hearn^ We gave 105 Endowments to day E Snow sealed 21 We Baptized 460 for the dead I had Brother Samuel April 11, 1877 ~ Wednesday [FIGURES] ^11^ B. Hardy & wife and Josiah Hardy & wife Adopted to me to day the first Persons Ever Adopted ^[FIGURE]^ to me ion Earth I gave Seconed Anointings to 15 Persons ...
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    I Traveled 2341 Miles 2341 Miles I Held 131 Meetings 131 Meetings I Preached 83 Discourses 83 Discourses I Attended 2 General Conferences 2 Conferences I Attended 25 Prayer Circles with the Apostles 25 Prayer Cir I Administered to 24 sick persons 24 sick I dedicated St George Temple with others Jan 1,1877 I was Baptized for 100 Dead, including all the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and all Received Endowments I sealed 533 couple for the Dead 14 for the Living. I gave 2nd Anointings for the ...
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    I was Baptized for 443 Dead friends. This in conn- extion with the rest of my family wer Baptized for 19032705 ^2705^ of the Woodruff Thompson and hart family In the Baptismal font in Temple Block Salt Lake City ^And St George Temple^ in two days I got Endowments for 1200639 ^1634^ of my dead Friend in St George Temple during the years 1877 & 8 & 9 This was through the Assistance of my friends I had 42 Men Adopted into my family And I was Adopted to my Father ...
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    Ezra Carter Jr, And Sarah Fabyan Carter, Ozen Woodruff, Acksa Merril, and Hannah Hart Woodruff, And Robert Mason and 3 wives were all Adopted to Wilford Woodruff sen and Phebe Carter Whitmore Woodruff On the 13 day of Arail 1877 On the 10 of April, 1877 Samuel B. Hardy, and wife and Josiah Hardy and wife, were Adopted to Wilford Woodruff the first person Ever Adopted to me on ...
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    March 11, 1881 and Robert Mason & 3 wives were all that Received there 2d Anointings in the St George Temple that I could find Examine W. Woodruffs Journals & Salt Lake Records for the 2d Anointings of his wives Mary Carter, & Mary Giles & Ennice Woodruff &c We gave 102 Endowments W Woodruff sealed 9 couple & 1 child to Parents I officiated for Willard Richards in Adopting 11 Persons to him & sealing 5 children Br