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Jul 28, 1835

Journal Entry

July 28, 1835 ~ Tuesday

Preached at Brother Jacksons Baptized 1 one some
armed men gather'd together it was supposed to mob me
but they came not against me


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Jackson, John
abt. 1791-1849
52 mentions
1835 Southern Convert

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Daybook (Appointment Book with 1836 Daybook)
Tuesday 28th at Brother's Jacksons on x Cyprus Creek / Zenos parable of Vineyard [Jacob 5]
Daybook (13 January 1835 - 26 November 1836)
Preached at Br Jacksons Baptized one. Some armed men gathered together it was supposed as a mob but came not against me
Autobiography 1883 Tullidge's Quarterly Magazine Notes 1
I spent the day at Brother Jacksons. I preached at Brother Jacksons and Baptized 1. Some armed men gathered togetherd it was supposed with the intention of mobing me but I was not disturbed


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Jul 28, 1835