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Aug 6, 1835

Journal Entry

August 06, 1835 ~ Thursday

Rode to Col Rutherfords east of Tenn River Preached at 12 Returned through
Reynoldsburgh on election day where there was much drunkenness & fi[gh]ting
rode to Br Jacksons & preached in the evening distance 23 miles


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10 mentions
1835 Southern Convert
Jackson, John
abt. 1791-1849
52 mentions
1835 Southern Convert


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Daybook (Appointment Book with 1836 Daybook)
x Thursday 6th at Col Rutherfords at Reynoldsburgh east of Tennessee River / II Cor 4th 3; 4th
Daybook (13 January 1835 - 26 November 1836)
Rode from Br Utley's to Col Rutherfords East of Tenn. River Preached at his house then returned through Reynoldsburgh on Election Day (whare there was much drunkeness & fighting) to Br Jacksons Distance & preached in the Evening Distance 23.
Autobiography 1883 Tullidge's Quarterly Magazine Notes 1
I crossed the Tennessee River Preached at Col Rutherfords, and returned through Reynoldsburgh it being Election day and there was much drunkenness and fighting. I rode to Brother Jacksons


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Aug 6, 1835