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Aug 31, 1836

Journal Entry

August 31, 1836 ~ Wednesday

31st Travled with Elders to Paris & returned to Br
Taylors on Bloody whare I found Presidents Marsh &
Patten had a happy interview with them distance 30 miles


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Patten, David Wyman
14 Nov 1799 - 25 Oct 1838
136 mentions
Taylor, Levi
13 Feb 1802 - 5 Apr 1884
86 mentions
1835 Southern Convert
Marsh, Thomas Baldwin
1 Nov 1800 - 31 Dec 1865
98 mentions


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Daybook (31 December 1835 - 3 January 1837)
31st Rode to Paris & returned to Br Tailors on Bloody Whare I found President's Marsh & Patten had a happy interview with them distance of the Day 30 miles


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Aug 31, 1836