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Sep 19, 1839

Journal Entry

September 19, 1839 ~ Thursday

19 Rode to Albany mostly through Locks I had fever & ague was feble I called at the Hartford
and Albany stage house & took state at 10 oclock in the evening & rode all night & 11 oclok next dist[ance] 684


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Autobiography 1858 Deseret News

the , and rode all night and the following day; suffered severely with fever and ague. I arrived at my father's house in Farmington on

Letter from Phebe Whittemore Carter Woodruff, 19 September 1839

Lovely-street as you named the place when here Dear Willford After waightining waiting 5 long weeks after you left me to hear from you I take my pen although in a feeble state and on the bed as you will perceive from my writing. I let Sarah stay at brother Smoots 8 days after you left then she came home well and fleshy and bright she continued well about 2 weeks and then I was taken with the fever and ague 3 or 4 days before she was. we were then in Montrose and no one to do any thing for us as they were all sick about there so that brother and sister Smoot came out and mooved us to their house and rendered us every assistanc they could although their house was unfinished yet our accommodations were much better than in Montrose. we have been quite low having had a shake every day but are both getti ng better now. I was much rejoiced to hear of the improvement of your health after you left by a man who saw ^you^ about 40 miles from here who said that you requested him to call and see me. I was glad to hear from you any way. much wonder that you do not write as you have always done before I think that you have not time or the letter has miscaried or something has happened. so good night my Willford hopeing that I shall feel better in the morn. The morn has come and found me for the first time without a chill or shake although I feal verry weak yet I think that I am gaining health and Sarah to. The men have come to day to raise my house I am in hopes that they will get it finished by the time that I am able to go into it their has been some talk of sister Tailor’s going in with me as she had to move out of brother Youngs house she went into my room with sister Pratt while I am out here. Sister Taylor wants to come out into this neighbourhood she is a good neighbour. but the family you left with me Oh! dear! if I had expected the time had been long that I should have dwealt there I should have sent for you to have come home for I could not have staid in the house with any contentment— but thank the Lord I have not for the frirst moment wished you at home since you left but desired and prayed for your spead and success on your mission, Yea that you might have strength both temporal and spi ritual wisdom grace knowledge humility and understanding to pres erve you from all evil and help you fill your mission in the love and fear of God and have many souls as seals of your ministry I hope to do better next time

Autobiography 1865 Millennial Star

necticut, on the night of the , and rode all night and the following day; suffered severely with fever and ague. I arrived at my father's house in

Autobiography 1857 Draft 1

Ct on the night of the and rode all night and the following day and suffering immensely ^severely^ with the fever and ague I arived at my Fathers house in Farmington Ct

Daybook (8 August 1839 - 12 January 1840)

Sept 19th Rode to Abbany mostly through locks I felt feble had the chills & fever I called at the Hartford & Albany stage house & took the stage at 10 oclock in the evening & rode all night & untill 11 oclok next day & arived at Newmut borgough 50 miles the whole distance 64 m[iles]


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Times and Seasons, official Church newspaper, first published in Nauvoo, Illinois (continuously published until February 1846).

Sep 19, 1839