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May 21, 1840

Journal Entry

May 21, 1840 ~ Thursday

21st I took a walk again with Br Richards over the Intrenchm
ents to the top of the Herefordshire Beacon we had prayers toge
ther & after spending a few hours in viewing the country
we returned again into the valey. Elder Richards Baptized
2 persons I confirmed one & Br Richerds the other. we
^confirmed 2 ordained 3 priest Samuel Jones, Thomas Jones, Jonathan Lucy.^
preached at Colwall & spent the night distance 4 m


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Lucy, Jonathan
30 Nov 1801 - 30 Nov 1868
12 mentions
1840 British Convert, United Brethren
22 mentions
1840 British Convert, United Brethren
Jones, Thomas English
5 Apr 1811 - 3 Mar 1885
14 mentions
1840 British Convert, United Brethren
Richards, Willard
24 Jun 1804 - 11 Mar 1854
525 mentions


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May 21, 1840