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May 28, 1840

Journal Entry

May 28, 1840 ~ Thursday
{Wilford Woodruff} Baptized at Creeks Green th

Joseph Evens

28th I Baptized 4 at Cricks Green who were confir-
med by Elder Richards we then walked to Hope Rough
& preached at William Hall I Baptized 5 after
meeting & Elder Richards confirmed them, making
9 Baptized & 10 confirmed we spent the night at H. Rough 5 m[iles]
we visited the greatest curiosity of evergreen that
29has yet been discoverd in Europe or America or any part
of the world that has ever come to our knowledge. it is
upon the farm called (Hopton in the hole) in the parish of
Much Cowen, Herefordshire England, owned by Richard Gardner
this evergreen was in a circular form inclosing about one
acre composed of the Yew Tree growing out, or standing in the
midst of a hedge or border of Boxbush, the Yew Trees were
about in the form & highth of a high & & well built hay
or wheat stack, the trees were considered to be sever
al hundred years of age this evergree was surround by
a canal of water


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4 mentions
1840 British Convert
Richards, Willard
24 Jun 1804 - 11 Mar 1854
521 mentions
Hall, William
4 mentions
1840 British Convert

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May 28, 1840