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Dec 31, 1840

Journal Entry

December 31, 1840 ~ Thursday

31st This is the Last Day of 1840.
[FIGURE 10] I received a letter from Wm Pitt Preached
in the evening took supper with Doctor


The first Day of 1840 found me in company
with Elders J. Taylor & T. Thurley on board of
the Packet Ship Oxford on the Atlantic in Logng
42.40 And the Last Day in company with
Elder Kimball in No 40 Ironmonger Row Saint
London, the great Metropolis of Britian
& the world. This has been an important year
to myself, to all the Saints & to the world at
Large in many respects. Never have I spent a
year with more Interest than 1840 never have
I been called to make greater Blessings Sacrifices
or enjoyed greater Blessings. I have been called to
make a sacrafize of the society of wmy wife & children
not once beholding their faces, one of which is taken
from time, (Sarah Emma is gone to be seen no more in this
life) The whole year has been spent in a foreign nation
combating error with everlasting truth, meeting with
many contradictions of sinners who oppose themse
lves against the the Truth, Being stoned mobed
& opposed, Yet the Lord hath blessed me with a
great harvest of souls as seals of my ministry, many
hundreds have received the word with joy & gladness
& are now rejoicing in the new & Everlasting Covenant
which Saints I live in a lively hope of meeting in
the celestial Glory of our God. I feel vary thank
ful to my heavenly father, for his great goodness
& Loving kindness towards me & my Brethren During
the past year & may the Lord still be with us d
uring the following year, in fine evry year will be
more & more interesting from this time forth un-
till the winding up scene & the coming of the
Mesiah. What 1841 will bring to pass the Lord
knoweth & time will determin, But may the Lord
enable me with all the Twelve to return safe to
our own native country & to the bosom of our
wives & children, which may God grant for Chris-
t sake I pray. In looking over my Journal I find
the following is the fruits of my labours During
my Travels in England & Wales in AD. 1840
which will be found on the following pages

A Synopsis of the travels & labours

Traveled in ENGLAND & WALES
visited the following Towns & Cities

Towns & Cities Population Shires
Liverpool 280000 Lancashire
Preston 60,000 [Lancashire]
Manchester 350,000 [Lancashire]
New Castle, Tunstell
Burslem, Hanley, Potteries
Stoke & Longton 70000 Staffordshire
Stafford 20,000 [Staffordshire]
Wolverhampton 30,000 [Staffordshire]
Birmingham 300000 Warwickshire
Worcester 45000 Worcestershire
Hereford 50,000 Herefordshire
Ledbury 8,000 [Herefordshire]
Marlvern Hills 3,000 [Herefordshire]
Gloucester 40,000 Gloucestershire
Cheltenham 40,000 [Gloucestershire]
Oxford 30000 Oxfordshire
[FIGURE] LONDON, THE Metropolis 1,600,000 Middlesex Co

Also A large Number of smaller Towns
lying between those Above named Travelled 4,469 Miles Held 230 Meetings Esstablished preaching 53 places Planted 47 Churches Jointly organized the same which nNumbers 1,500 Saints 28 Elders 110 Priest 24 Teachers & 10 Deacons Attended Conferences 14 = Baptized 336 persons 57 were preachers of the 57 Day Clarks of The Church of 2 England Assisted in the Baptism of 86 others Confirmed 420 & Assisted in Confirmation 50 others Ordained 18 Elders 97 Priest 34 Teachers 1 Deacon

Blessed 120 Children

Administered unto 120 Sick persons
by prayer laying on of hands
and anointing in many instances the sick
were healed, the lame walked & Devils
were cast out

Assisted in procuring £1000 Pounds
Sterling, for printing the Millennia Star
3000 copies of the Latter Day Saints
Hymns, 5000 copies of the Book of
, & to Assist 200 Saints
to Emegrate to America & gather with
their Brethren At Nauvoo & Iowa

Wrote 200 Letters
Received 112 Letters

I had 4 mobs came a 4 Mobs
against me


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Kimball, Heber Chase
14 Jun 1801 - 22 Jun 1868
1408 mentions
Taylor, John, b. 1808
1 Nov 1808 - 25 Jul 1887
1858 mentions
Woodruff, Phebe Whittemore Carter
8 Mar 1807 - 10 Nov 1885
1558 mentions
Woodruff, Sarah Emma
14 Jul 1838 - 17 Jul 1840
161 mentions
Turley, Theodore
10 Apr 1801 - 12 Aug 1871
139 mentions
63 mentions
1840 British Convert, United Brethren


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Dec 31, 1840