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Oct 20, 1841

Journal Entry

October 20, 1841 ~ Wednesday

220th I lent B. Young $2.50 he returned me 75 cts


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Young, Brigham
1 Jun 1801 - 29 Aug 1877
3317 mentions
Apostle, Family

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Daybook (1841 - May 1844)
Sundry Accounts Oct 20th Brigham Young Dr to cash $2.50 21st Cr to B Young cash .75 to 6 Bushels lime stacked .96 22 Br Hodson Dr to 16 1/2 the beef 3 1/2 per pound .48 23 Cr to Br Hodson for puting in a window Do to 25 feet lumber .50 Do Cr to Wm Pitt for 6 panes glass .36 Do Cr to Br Cahoon for 4 feet stone .50 Do Paid Br Coltrin for 1500 Brick & drawing 7.87 Do Cr Paid J. H. Hale for Boots 3.50 two Pipps 2.00 5.50 Do J. H. Hale Dr to 2 3/4 yards cloth 4.85 Do to 2 yards flannel 1.50 Do Cr to Br Tracy to 16 oz Iron 28 Br Hodson Dr to 13 lbs flowuer .26 29th Cr to Br Hodson for 1 days work 1.00 30 Elder Brewet & Price assisted me in making doors do Paid Colton for building chimney 4.00 Paid for Butts screws & nails 1.75 Nov 1st Br Hodson assisted me to Hang a door Do Br Hodson Dr to 1 pint salt 8 2 Cr to Br Hodson for making & hanging a door Do Settelled with Br Tracy all accounts up to this date 3rd Bought 16 lbs soap 6 cts per lb 1.00 3rd Cr to Darwin Chase for 180 feet of slitwork 2 cts per foot 3.60 Loaned John Benbow doctrins & covenants & H. C. Kimball Ancient Antiquities 5th Br Becklehammer Dr to 189 feet boards .34 10 Cr to Randolph Allexander to lath 12th Cr to P. Shirts to 20 bushels of lime to be applied on note, I paid 37 1/2 cts on lime 3.75 Do Cr To J H Hale for drawing the lime & bords B Young Dr to 5 bushels stone lime paid Do Cr To H. C. Kimball cash .540 * Cr to L white 3 lbs nails .37 1/2 bought 2 1/2 lbs nails Do Cr to Darwin Chase for 108 feet of floreing 2.16 [Cr] to [Darwin] [Chase] 32 feet of seandin [sanding] .64


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Oct 20, 1841