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Mar 25, 1844

Journal Entry

March 25, 1844 ~ Monday

25th I went on to the prairie with Br Hale &
Bullock to Br Pulsiphers & commenced plowing
& sowing spring wheat we sowed about
1 1/2 bushels & harrowed it in


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Hale, Jonathan Harriman
1 Feb 1800 - 4 Sep 1846
147 mentions
Bullock, Thomas
23 Dec 1816 - 10 Feb 1885
125 mentions
Pulsipher, Zerah
24 Jun 1788 - 1 Jan 1872
101 mentions


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I ask did I ever exercise any compulsion over any man. did I not give him the liberty of disbelieveing any doctrin I have preached if he saw fit, why do not my enemies strike a blow at the doctrin, they cannot do it, it is truth, And I am as the voice of one crying in the wilderness repent of your sins & prepare the way for the coming of the son of Man, for the kingdom of God has come unto you and henceforth the ax is laid unto the root of the tree, and evry tree that bringeth not forth good fruit, God Almighty (and not Jo Smith) shall hew down & cast it into the fire.)
~ Joseph Smith


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Wilford completes brick home in Nauvoo; over the next 2 years he lives in it for less than 6 weeks.

Mar 25, 1844